Sunday, April 19, 2015

Projects Continue!

This week we finally got a break in the weather so the workers set into motion our remaining projects. We still have more cement to pour and porches to complete.
We also had a dumpster delivered so we could make quick work of the mess. I can tell you I am tired already!!!! Before long the worst of it will be over but right now it is muddy and yucky.
But when you see the finished product it is so worth it all.
But, more to come.
And it turned out great as well. I am resting today to first praise, then rest and then reflect.
We finished a few unexpected projects as would have been much easier had the offender told us he hit and cut our tile but we found it and fixed it ourselves. I am hoping this is the last of the big projects. Almost time to start spreading some stone and getting the mud all covered up. Once Mother's Day weekend is over I think things will slow down a little. When I get things cleaned up I will share more pictures.

1 comment:

Karen Martinsen said...

Wow what a huge project!
I love being in chaos with projects - it means there's going to be something 'grand' in the end. LOL Strange huh?
Rest up and hope you don't have any more 'untold' mishaps.