Sunday, September 22, 2013

Working Like Crazy..getting things ready!

Hello Dear Friends,
  I have been visiting you, not leaving many comments just reading about all your adventures!
I continue to work on projects for our sale. My entire family has been getting things ready! My Sister and Brother have much more to add to the sale but I don't have pictures just yet. I have some cousins joining our fun and that makes me so happy!
 Here are a few blue jars that dh made into a hanging plaque!
An my niece helped me string the crystals for this fabulous candle holder!
And of course we have so many bells!
There is so much more to come. We are working like little bees!
And I love the thought of snow so the snowflakes bring a smile to my face. On sale day we will have winter and fall items!
But there is much more to do. And I will be working ever day to get ready!

Stay tuned and join us on facebook!

1 comment:

Suzan Sweatman said...

I LOVE that mason jar hanger ( sorry don't know what to call it lol )
It's gorgeous!!!
What fun things !