Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Project Almost Done

Well, I promise I have not been ignoring you. I have been incredibly busy. With spring there are so many new chores to be done. My Memorial garden is beginning to bloom and I just have to smile when I walk out the back door.Here is another picture and I will continue to share as it continues to bloom.
One of the things that seems to continue to take most of my time is the painting and priming I have been finishing  in my shed. I put three coats of bonding primer on the walls and then two coats of paint. Then I primed and painted the ceiling and last the trim. Here is what is happening today. I finally finished all the painting today and my dh and I made a trip to Lowes to buy the crown molding. After a lot of looking and talking we finally loaded it into the suv and brought it home. I am hoping that we finally this project this weekend and then I will share all the pictures so you can see. I have spent many long hours the last few days working to get this project moved along.
This is just the primer. I did put two coats of paint on it to finish it up.
While I was taking a break I was looking at the outside of the building and I thought I was tired of the red trim so I put a coat of primer on it too. I think I got side-tracked!
And to leave on a lighter more picture of the garden. More to come. Exciting times!!!!!

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Karen said...

Morning Dianntha,
Lovely memory garden and I can see why it's so pleasant to see it when you step outside.
Your shed is coming along just great!