Sunday, May 19, 2013

More planting and more blooms

My lilacs were no longer looking very well so I snipped off a few of the blooms from my snowball bush. They are so beautiful! I love having fresh flowers in our home!
I also wanted to share the side of my shed. My Mom planted every one of these plants and she told me they would fill in and be beautiful. She was more than right and I look at them and know how much she loved us and remember all the time she shared with us! There is one rogue columbine but it was blooming and I just could not pull it so it is blooming and shining bright!

I traveled to my daughters home and helped her plant under the tree and to the left you can see we planted beside the house also! But it was 87 degrees so we drank some lemonade and then we had the neighbor boy mow the we had a great time picking everything out!
I found the this beautiful pink flower and I placed it on my Mom's memorial garden. I think she would have loved the garden we have planted for her! I miss her...more than anything.


Primitive Stars said...

Looking beautiful, love the snowball, so pretty, Francine.

Karen said...

Good morning.
Something just isn't right with my blogger list on my says that you posted something very different than what is here.
This has been happening to me as of late - so I missed your last post.
I will read it and comment after commenting on this post.

Beautiful ground cover your mother planted - we had a neighbor who had it all in the front of their house and it always looked so pretty.
I'm not a fan of Lilacs (the scent that is) but your white ones are just beautiful. I don't see too many whites around here.
How wonderful to have a memory garden in your mother's honor.


Frazzled Farm Wife said...

You really have the touch! Your flowers are so beautiful! I do NOT have the touch and am jealous!

Farmchick said...

I am jealous that I am not able to be out planting...our snow finally melted and now we are in the middle of an over 3.5 inch rain! Come say hi.

prims by olde lady morgan said...

Everything is looks wonderful! Love the snowballs! Spring is finally springing here and I am finishing up my planting too. I wanted to give a very long over due thank you for you comments on my blog after my sister passed... Unless one lives what we do, it's hard to understand... 2months later there is a still a huge mess I am helping my dad with sadly. hugs! OLM