Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Update on the Bathroom!

Dear Friends, A few days ago I showed you this By The Sea sign I was working on and today I wanted to update so you could see the rest of the decorations. I found me shells and a few other things and  finished off the decorating!

I found this glass jar and I love the way it looks with the sand and shells!

Another plate so I decided to put it to some use!
I am happy with the way this turned out also...I was afraid I needed more color but I guess not.

And of course the bathroom display that stays just changes so here it is by the sea!


Robin said...

It looks great. I love the colors. I love that you share with all of us your decorating skills. I love what you think of. I wish we lived closer and you could re-make my house!

Tiff said...

Looks lovely! I love the plate rack as a backsplash, great idea.


Lyn said...

That is really gorgeous. My mother loved all things about the sea and had lamps that were big glass jars full of sand and shells. Your jar is very cute!

Storybook Woods said...

Just beautiful Dianntha. I love the color combo and all the little touches. You must be so happy with it! CLarice

Heather Wise said...

Your house is just too fun! It is like cozy farmhouse glam! I love it! My husband would love the beach theme in your bathroom. I have to get some ideas and look at your picts again. Our bedroom and bathroom are beach themed. That is for Steve. He is so kind to let me have prim in the main part of the house!

Love it all!

Lida Swisher said...

Your bathroom speaks of how much you love the sea! We are quite similar in the sense that I have a star-themed bathroom. I made a constellation design on one corner to bring out the theme. Anyway, I commend your decorating skills. It gave your bathroom a new look!

-Lida Swisher