Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Cool Summer Lunch and another update

 I made a simple cold lunch last week and I thought I would share a few pictures. It has been so hot here and I didn't want to start up the stove or the oven so this is what I came up with. Seafood salad and chicken salad sandwiches..
Broccoli salad and fresh veggies, cheese cubes and a salad.
I did have a few chips and yogurt covered raisins and then I made a yogurt/pound cake dessert with cool whip and strawberries. Everything was simple and easy and cold. I forgot to take a picture of the punch but it was raspberry lemonade with lemon lime soda. What a fun way to make a cold meal but it was enough to satisfy a person who was really hungry! We had a nice time at lunch!
  And for all of you who are prayer for us I would like to thank you for our kindness. I am sure that my Mother remains pain free because you have joined us in prayer! I spent the day with her today and she says she is thankful for each and every prayer. Mom was very quiet and tired today. Tonight we have called the nurse in because for some reason my Moms face has become swollen. Please continue to pray for all of us!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

What a difference a Week has Made

Hello Dear Friends, What a difference a week makes. Last week Mom was doing so poorly that we called in Hospice for help. Hospice has switched some of her medications and it seems to have made a big difference, So today, well will you believe Mom felt so good that my sister too her to a salon and got a perm and color? lol now that is an improvement!    

What a journey we are on. So stressful and so emotional but yet filled with blessings. I know that so many of you are sending prayers for our family and I wanted to tell you that I am truly touched by your kindness and thoughtfulness. I can not express how much you have all touched my life with your prayers. I know that our journey will continue to take many turns but I know that God has a purpose beyond our understanding.  Again, I am blessed by each of you.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Yesterday we had to have Hospice come in for Mother. Yesterday was not a good day.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Progress on Tis the Season

I have been working on my Tis the Season and those little holly leaves are coming along. I did have to do some frogging since one of them I stitched in the wrong colors!
 My dh and I went for a drive yesterday just to have a little time together. We drove for six hours and had an enjoyable time stopping here and there. But today we are back into our routine.
 It is so hot here that I can not even spend time in my garden, the humidity is so very high. I will spend part of the day catching up on errands and laundry!
 My dear Mother had a wonderful day yesterday and it was quite nice to hear her say she is so board just sitting in her chair all day. She tires easily but she was not weak and shaky and that is just a great thing.
 My youngest is at camp this week so our home is quiet and I am determined to get a few projects started, well, if I  have the energy for them!
I will post  more tomorrow but for today please continue your prayers for my Mother! Blessings to you.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Blessing and a Dead Deer!

Dear Friends, We have once again been so blessed.  Our never-ending saga continues. Well, maybe I should just say that when you have 3 girls driving it seems there is always something. Our middle daughter was coming home from work and a deer jumped over a guard rail and right into the path of her car. She was going to fast to stop and the car took a major hit.
 The poor deer didn't make it but thank the Lord our daughter was safe and not hurt.
Here in Ohio when the farmers take the wheat off the deer begin running, I mean thousands of deer start running everywhere. The accidents are daily but this is a first for us.
So we are waiting to see what the insurance people say but in the mean time we are without a much needed car. We will just have to make due somehow!
  I am still stitching on Tis the Season and it is looking much better. My Mother is enjoying the progress too. She has been having some good days and we are so blessed by that. Thank you for your prayers and kind thoughts. I will be back soon with some new pictures!


Monday, July 4, 2011

The 4th of July

Hope you are having a wonderful day. What a joy to live in a free country. Let's make sure our children know the true story of our Nation!
Please remember to pray for my Mother, she is not having a good day. Blessings to each of you.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Stitching update...and a new find

 I pray you are having an enjoyable day. We are having fireworks tonight i our little town. I love the fireworks but it makes me sad that we don't watch them together as a family like we did when the girls were small. We would go early and the girls would play and eat snacks before the fireworks began, those were fun days!

Wanted to share the progress I have made. i do like the poison apple a little better but if I stitch this pattern again I may just change this color. I do hope Mom loves it!
Look what I found...Oh I adore them. This is just the beginning of my make over for my living room and dining room. i am not painting just collecting item as I see them. These beauties were 80% off at Hobby Lobby so there were very reasonable...I mean cheap!
  Mom was looking well yesterday and was in very good humor. She is such a treasure. We had a project we were going to work on before she got sick so this week I am going to take all the stuff to her home and make it with her watching if she doesn't feel like helping. I know she will enjoy it if she is having a good day. I will be sure to share the pictures when I get it done!. Blessings be with you.