Monday, May 9, 2011

We Were Blessed With a Wonderful Weekend!

   The smile of a new graduate. Our daughter...graduated  from the University of Findlay, Sum ma Cum Laud.
 Winner of the Outstanding Computer Science Student of the Year, graduating with over 800 other students...We love you and are so very proud!! What a great day we had.

Smiles from her dad too!
I was thrilled too! We had a wonderful day with our daughter and our family. Thank you all for being there to celebrate with us!
And much to our delight, my dear Mother felt well enough to attend. I know she was there by shire will but my daughter was so elated that my Mom could make it through the day!
  And  just when you thought that was all the excitement for the day...well not at our house. Our youngest had prom on the same day...of course so we rushed back to get to see her as she entered prom she is..
Yes, this is our youngest and she had two dates in matching attire!
This one is the boy friend.
This one is a dear friend that needed someone to go with him because his gf is not old enough to attend!
And the girls just having a little fun!
  So after a very difficult month of plenty of heartbreak we finally had something to smile about. We have been blessed this weekend. We have celebrated two important events but most of all we are blessed because my dear mother was with us smiling and laughing too. This week I heard my mother laugh out loud and it brought a happiness to my heart. We are so truly blessed. We had a wonderful Mother's Day! Until next time, be blessed.


Joy said...

Congratulations to the graduate and the prom looked wonderful. So glad your Mother could see both!

Janet - underthewillow said...

so glad you have such a wonderful weekend!

thank you for sharing it!


Christine said...

This post just made my day and made me smile too! How wonderful you were all together for Mother's Day!
Congratulations to you all as a family!

Meggie said...

Such happy times to celebrate! So glad your Mom was able to attend graduation. Both your girls looked beautiful! You have lots to be proud of.

Storybook Woods said...

Congratulations to both your daughters. Your mama's heart must be over the moon xoox Clarice