Sunday, May 29, 2011

One Week to go before the Party!

Hello Dear Friends,
 I am sorry to have been gone so long. I have been spending my time getting ready for our dd graduation party at our home and spending some time with Mom. First let me say again that we are so thankful for your prayers and kind words. Mom has been holding her own this week. She had a port put in so that the treatments would be easier for her. She is also thankful for your prayers.
 So, on to what I have been little of everything!
Our little frog pond is now clean and ready to go. I didn't have the waterfall on for the picture but it is up and running too so one major job is complete.
A few decorations have started to appear just outside the door.

The flowers are starting to praise the Lord daily!
The crock in the background is now planted too so now worries.
 We have been attending graduation parties all weekend and with ours next weekend the work will continue this week. I do have to go to a doctors appointment with Mom on Tuesday and a double header softball game on Monday evening but the rest of the time I will be working on those last minute preparations.
 I do hope all is going well with you and yours and I am sorry that I can not visit much this week but please know that I appreciate each of you! Blessings


Joy said...

Your garden looks like a wonderful place to be. Continued prayers...

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Good morning Dianntha,
I enjoyed the tour through you yard today...THANK YOU.

And thank you for always being so loyal visiting my blog and leaving such nice comments when you have soooo much on your plate right now.
such a dear sweet soul you are.

I PRAY FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY WITH YOUR's never easy going through this...unfortunately most of us have to at some point and we sure don't look forward to it. For both my husband and I we have gone through it years ago so we certainly feel for you and pray.

A friend of mine from PA is going through this right now as well with her Mother...I just don't know what to say to her except we are there and praying. The same goes for you too Dianntha.

Please take care and try and enjoy the rest of this holiday weekend.
P.S. Congratulations on your daughter's graduation!!!!


Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I LOVE the frog pond...very cool!!

Debbie said...

Beautiful and so pretty and green!

A very comfy,and peaceful yard. You are so talented Dianntha!;)

Continued prayers sweet friend.

Love ya!
Debbie in Alaska!