Monday, February 7, 2011

Winter Wonderland Continues

 I often show you pictures of my front porch or out my back door but this time I went upstairs and opened the window so I could show you a bigger view of our weather. This has been the scene for most of the winter. We had 20 inches of snow in January and so far another 13 in February. It never quite gets melted before the next little storm heads our way. The beauty of this is it makes the days brighter since we rarely see the sun. But right now there is a layer of ice under the snow so it is difficult to walk. It was lightly snowing when I took this picture.
 In this picture I am still in the same spot but moved the camera to the left so you could see my little building in relationship to the other buildings and our home. Again, it was snowing and it made everything look a little foggy.
 Today I am headed to the Bridal show. The gift shop that I work in is participating and I am hoping we have a nice turnout. I am taking my camera so you will be there with me...I am hoping to get some interesting shots of our merchandise for you to see....maybe you will be there???
 Until tomorrow, stay warm and be blessed.

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Deppen homestead 1862 said...

OH, a bridal show! Now that's springy!
Great pics!
I do wish the sun would come out long enough to melt the ice!( kinda tired of slip sliding away, lol)
enjoy the show,