Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Little Rant about Re-gifting!

The weather has been frightful. It has been so very cold here the last few days. I did go out and shovel the garage area to get my cardio today...thank goodness there was not any wind.
January is always my least favorite time of the year. I am always sad when I take down the Christmas decor. I guess I get to thinking about all the fun we had and all the time the kids were here together and well it just makes me sad that they are back to college and such. Yesterday and today I slowly started to put the decorations away for another year...or 10 months...but my home looks so drab that I am wondering how I will decorate once all the decorations are gone.
I did have another thought about re-gifting. I know that our society has started to make re-gifting into a little joke...but I honestly think it is just bad manners.
If someone gives you a gift they obviously spent time and money. I think it is just bad manners to turn around and give it to someone else. I know there are exceptions to every rule...if you really don't have the money to buy or make someone a present then maybe you are the exception. But let's be honest, is that the case or is it because you "can get away with it?" I know that I spend time and energy on the gifts I choose and I would be really disappointed if it was re-gifted because that person thought it would be fun or funny to give it to another.
Let's start using some manners before we become a society that has no social rules. I am amazed at how little time it takes to be polite...please try it.
I have not started cleaning the closet just yet but I will let you know when I do.
Be Blessed.


Busym1 said...

I agree totally, about the re-gifting. I just got into a heated discussion about this very recently! I cleaned my linen closet today, and freecycled a ton of sheets and pillowcases I don't use! I'm so happy! Hubby was telling me how bad it is there in Ohio, he had a heck of a time driving up there on Sunday eve. We have alot of snow and cold too! More to come! Hugs, michelle

Linda said...

Hi D we are in the process of making one large room into two. So you see the sewing room I have now will change sometime in the new year. My dh likes to do woodworking and in our new place there is no room for a shop. Walls will have to go up and the carpet will become hardwood floors. In the meantime I'm working on my bunny hill block of the month trying to catch up. Thanks for stopping by. I enjoy your visits.

Gail said...

How about gifting to a local shelter if you did not want the gift? At least it would go to someone who needs it.

I recently had a friend that received a gift from her friend. It was the gift she had sent her for her birthday! Did that make any sense?

I would say if some one regifted my well thought present, I would remove them from my gift list.

Pumpkin said...

Unfortunately I think we've become an uncivilized society already :o( I totally agree with you Dianntha.