Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Carinals have landed!

In this one the star is a little higher...and a different angle.

I think this is the best shot but it isn't a very good one...but you can get the idea. I wanted to get it hung while the step stool was I am not sure about the other stuff on the shelf but for now it will do. I like the star but I am not sure about the placement but I know my sister will be here to boss me around about it soon so we will she what she says about it. lol The star is a little lower too.

Without the flash...just too dark but the wall color is really is a moss green but I know you just can't really tell that.

Well, at least the cardinals have found a place on the wall to hang!
I tried my best to get a decent picture but it is so dreary that I had to use the flash and then you can't really see the true colors but at least you can see kinda what it looks like so far.

I have been working on my closet and I am happy to report that my big walk in closet is pretty much done for now. It has three doorways and a window to work around and I would love to someday turn it into another bathroom so for now I will deal with it as is. I am thinking of adding some storage units to it...we will see what dh has to say about that..
I have a few other things that are calling to my tom turkey I am working on and I have another idea for a wool wall hanging for the other room. But for today I will try to visit some of you. Until next blessed.


Meggie said...

Seems like you've been a busy gal, Dianntha. Love the cardinals!

Busym1 said...

I love the cardinals project! I have been having the worst time taking a pic of my stitchery I've done, that is why I have not posted it. I'm going to try again later. Thanks for sharing! Hugs, michelle

Picket said...

Beautiful redbird hanging! You have been busy girl....I still need to organize all my closets(or should I say take half of it out and get rid of it! lol

Thanks for coming by girl..the paint color on my wall is called DEER PATH by BENJAMIN MOORE..I get the color swatch at the Benjamin Moore paint store and take it to Lowes to be made! lol It is a great color to work with...makes everything look good! Have a great week my friend!

Pumpkin said...

Perfect spot for them Dianntha :o)