Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Way too hot...

It is so hot here...upper 90's and truly...I feel trapped in the house. I have to stay in when it is that hot because I can't breathe when it is that hot. So to amuse myself today I was thinking of how cold it was last winter. At 14 degrees below zero...boy was I complaining...lol So I am thinkful that it isn't that cold.
Mom and I went to her final doctors' appointment and then on to shopping. I found some great stuff for 60% off. i will share those pictures tomorrow. Mom and I are going to start a fall project that I am excitied about and I will take pictures in stages for that too.
I am working on a fall black cat...primitive, of course, wool and such...we will see how it turns out.
In some other news..well..we are having a little surprise around here in about 3-4 weeks. Cant say what just yet but I am nervous and excited...and I will leave it at that.
Also...my dad is at his projects again..wait till you see what he is doing now...that starts tomorrow...until then, be blessed.


Linda said...

Hi there!! Oh its so great to shop with moms. Can't wait to see your buys.

Meggie said...

Hey Dianntha! So sorry that you are having health issues when the weather is so warm. Can't wait to hear all about the surprise and also to know what your dad is up to.