Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Our new baby...

Well..this is our new baby! She is too tiny to be with us yet but we are counting the days until we can pick her up. Our family has been so sad with the lose of Jackie that it was an easy decision to find another puppy to live with us. We have not decided on names as of yet...I think we will have to meet her first but it has been fun trying to come up with some new names.
We are sweltering in this heat and I am so ready for cooler days. i feel so sorry for all the kids that went back to school today...our streets are like a ghost town and I so dislike this time of year..
I have not made anything this week, I have just been too busy know what I mean.
I am heading out in a few minutes so I will close for now. be blessed.


Northwindstar said...

Oh my goodness!! How precious and darling is your new family addition!! Am sure your bundle of sweet fur will have such a wonderful, kind, caring and loving home! :) Can't wait to find out what name she is blessed with!

BittersweetPunkin said...

Oh how adorable!! I am so excited for you....too precious!

Sorry to hear it's been hot there....we had a cool spell for a bit but the heat is back for a few days. I have my MIL visiting for 4 more days (and counting)


Cottage Contessa said...

Hi sweetie! Oh my goodness, your new little baby is GORGEOUS! I'm sorry for the loss of Jackie, I know that heartbreak well too, but I'm certain your new darling will go a long way in repairing your broken hearts. Can't wait to see what you name the baby! lol Have a wonderful day Dianntha.
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Gettysburg Homestead said...

AHHHHH... what a sweet little puppy. I so miss my dog that my soon to be ex kept. I'm not allowed to have pets where I live now.


Glo said... dogs!

Linda said...

Looks alot like our dachshund puppies. They do have to grow into their names, don'tt hey? Looks adorable and having apuppy is such fyn.

Farmchick said...

Cute puppy....we also got a new puppy not long after we lost our dog in February. Stop by for a visit soon.

Linda said...

What a cutie....I know this litlle puppy will bring you much joy...hugs, Linda

Meggie said...

What an adorable puppy! What kind of doggie is she?

Karen said...

How adorable...I can just smell its little puppy breath that's so sweet. Be waiting to hear when you get it and what you name her.


Pumpkin said...

She is absolutely adorable! I'm sorry for your loss too. I hope you have lots of great memories with your new addition to add to your other memories :o)