Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Well...finally it rained today...all day. it has been a long time since we saw rain drops. Not much going on today...i looked at fall magazines so I could get some ideas. So many of you are making fall decorations that I feel behind.
I have work to do at our rentals next week but for now just resting a bit. i will be over to visit soon. Be blessed.


Holly Hills Primitives said...

Oh it would be so much fun to have you come visit! We are about a little over an hour and a half north of Toledo. If it gives you an idea, it takes me exactly 4 hours to get to Waynesville, OH and almost 4 hours to get to Columbus. (I've gone to Waynesville and back in one day before.) We should have all of our fall goodies out by the 31st of July! Hope to see you soon, Dawn

Gettysburg Homestead said...

Fall ???? Nope haven't made anything yet.

I hear you on the rain. We've had no rain until yesterday and now this am.


carolyn@primitive~devotion said...

We could use some rain too, down here in the south. Glad y'all finally got some.

I dream about Fall all year! It's my favorite season with winter following a close second. But I ahven't made anything yet, but thinking about it.

Hope you enjoy your afternoon.

Linda said...

Hi Dianatha...we are in the middle of a heat wave and it is hot,hot,hot...please send us a little of your rain.

Your garden by the fence you put up is so reminds me of an English country garden, it must bring you great joy.

I love your bowl of pretties, a few post back...the stitches are precious, love the watermelon pieces (I collect watermelons)and the rag balls. I'm going to try some of the rag balls ...I just think they are so fun to decorate with...hugs, Linda

Linda said...

Hi Thanks for stopping by. I have been busy all day getting my yard sale items ready. Our local church is hosting one tomorrow. My back seat of the car is full as well as the trunk. It was sunny most of the day today, they are calling for rain tomorrow. Figures!!