Thursday, June 11, 2009

Welcome Joanie Kittie

Yesterday Joanie arrived at my home from Penny
She smells so amazing every time you walk into the room. She is just adorable and I won her in Penny's 100 post give away...thank you so much Penny. She has a new home on my mantle and seems to be right at home. I adore her!!

Yesterday my dad brought his 16 foot trailer filled with mulch to put around our home. Two of my daughters, one bf, my dad and I spent a few hours (sometimes in the drizzle) shoveling it off the trailer and around my home and gardens. I really was work and I am happy that it was cool outside for this job. I wanted to get a picture but it is raining again today so I will try to get one tomorrow. The thing is we ran out of mulch before we were done so next week we have to do it again....can I say yuck...LOL but it does look great...and I did burn lots of
Well, today I am setting up my new sewing machine so I can finish some of my projects....lets hope I can figure it our. Until next blessed.


Meggie said...

Joanie Kittie is adorable, congrats on winning her! I think mulching makes the garden look so manicured. Good luck getting yours finished. Mine hasn't been started yet.

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

what kind of sewing machine did you get? love your kitty too..:)

In This My Life said...

Precious Joannie Kittie. Quite an accomplishment getting a lot of the mulch out. Hope you can finish soon. Sounds like you are blessed with some good help, too.

Penny @ Miss Pootsie's Primitives said...

So happy you love the little kittie. I'm glad she made it safe to you. Thanks for participating in my blog giveaway.
God Bless,

Linda said...

Kittie is so cute and looks very happy on your mantle.

Loved your winter house from last post...hugs, Linda

Cookie said...

I just love swaps - what a great way to get treasures from other artists and share a piece of ourselves with them! Joanie looks quite at home and very content... lots of purring, i'm sure!

disa said...