Sunday, August 3, 2008

The building is complete

Well, I am back trying to load the garden shed pictures. I have had such trouble with blogspot that the building has been complete while I was trying to load the progress pictures. LOL Anyways, it is all done but the weathervane. I suppose they will put it up tomorrow. On Friday they actually started by dh building. The posts are now set so on Monday they should be putting up the rafters. They think they will have it done by next Friday. That would be so great. The inside has been smoothed out and now I will have to water it down to get ready of cement. We will put cement on the front porch too for an easy transition inot the building.
There is so much to do...We have started putting the dirt around the outside to allow it to settle so I can landscrape it...I haven't decided if it will be all shrubs or a few flowers mixed in...but I think I might put a small water garden beside it just for fun. If you have any suggestions just let me know. I am open to any ideas at this point. I wanted to share a pic of one of the sunflowers that is at the end of my garden. It is my favorite color of so says fall is coming. I will try to post pics of my auction treasure tomorrow. Until then,be blessed.

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Meggie said...

Things are looking good, Dianntha! Great progress...keep us posted.