Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Seven more inches of snow

Seriously!!!!!!!!!!! A few pics from around our yard.


Cottage Contessa said...

Oh my gosh, these photo's are just amazing to me! We have had holidays down at the snow a few times and it was wonderful, but I find it hard to wrap my head around what it would be like to live in it for such a long time. It does look so beautiful there though, and so COMPLETELY different to where I live. Thank you for showing these photo's today, I've enjoyed them very much! Dianntha sweetie, thank you for your very sweet offer to send me those beautiful coasters you made. I would be honoured to have them! But sweetie, only on 2 conditions, firstly that you are sure you would be happy to part with them because you worked so hard on them, and secondly, that I either pay you for the coasters & the pattern, or that I send you something you would love too in return. Let me know ok? I hope you have a wonderful day sweetie. I'm going back to look at your photo's a little more while I sip my coffee........sigh.
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Stephanie said...

You poor girl, I would cry if we got that much snow! It was 60 here today, which is unseasonable for us. But, Im so done with winter, I feel so bad for you !

Hope that stuff melts,

Meggie said...

Great looking photos, Dianntha! I LOVE the black and white. We're getting snow right now in Western PA, probably what you had. Some things you don't have to share with us even if we are neighbors.

Linda said...

Oh my gosh. It looks so beautiful....enjoy while you can. They tell me Spring is on the way. Hugs, Linda

BittersweetPunkin said...

Oh My....I still think its quite lovely though.....I'm sure you are tired of it..yes?

Kelli said...

Wow, those are incredible pictures! It really is pretty and I love the birdhouse picture. Spring will come eventually, I promise!

Donetta said...

verrrrr. It was 80 * here! I can not breath for the pollen and grass in the air. I wish I could take a breath of your clear air.

Priscilla said...

Hi, I can not get enough of seeing snow pictures, I havnt seen any snow here in the uk, I am still waiting in hope, Lovely pictures, thanks for sharing

Priscilla x