Wednesday, January 27, 2016

More Furniture Today!

Today, Dear Friends, I have been working on a few more projects. This little stand got a first coat of soft pink. It will be perfect for our Spring Open House. I know the light was not good but I will try to get a better picture during the daylight tomorrow.
This little planter is just the perfect shade of sage! When I started painting it I loved it even more!!!!

I also wanted to show you the inside of the cabinet from yesterday. It will be so cute once I get it displayed. The fun part is that I have another sellers cabinet to paint. I have not decided on a color for that one but it might be a tough choice after this one!
This is tomorrows project....I am excited to get it done and delivered to it's new home.
It will be soft pink and white. It will be so sweet for a baby's room!

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Paul Andrews said...

hey just found your blog.I love how you re do the furniture.It looks real nice.