Thursday, May 22, 2014

Working on New Displays

Sorry, Friends, that I have been gone but truly I have been so blessed to be so busy. Our sale was fabulous with so many new and old friends. We had our best sale to date and I am so pleased to say we have the best customers ever!
So now I am preparing for the next sale which is June 6-7 and we are quickly rearranging some of the furniture. Our red buffet will be going to a new home and the front buffet was sold also so I am on the look out for some new furniture.We have been working on orders as will as displays. It is so exciting.
This is one of the new pieces for our next sale. I purchased new handles for it today and then it is ready for our June sale. I am not expecting it to be with us too long.

Some of our displays are so fun!!! The bees are one of my favorites!
I also wanted to share a picture of my ring that my girls gave me for Mother's Day. It is a stackable ring and the other two are ordered but I love it just the way it is!!! I am so proud of them and all they do for me!


Karen Martinsen said...

Good morning Dianntha,
I'm so happy for you that your DREAM is flourishing.
Your shop is lovely as are the items you have in it....women love these types of shops as there's something for every age and taste.
How fun and how great for you (and your customers!)
What a cute ring - haven't seen any like this.
Blessings and best of luck on your upcoming show.

Heather Wise said...

Hi, dear!
Oh, I am so happy for you!!!! Yea! Such cute things- I am shopping from my laptop! :) I love the "In God We Trust" sign- it has such bold lettering- love it! I agree with Karen- such a variety of lovely items!

Thinking of you and praying for you!