Saturday, April 27, 2013


Wow, Look at her in all her Glory. There are no words for her beauty.

Not to be outdone, another beautiful site.

Friday, April 26, 2013

About Green

I told you I am stuck on green!! I had this large decorative plate and I wanted to update it so I primed, painted, white washed and glittered it. I wish I had a picture of this plate from before the paint. I have to admit that it is absolutely beautiful.

At the same time I had purchased two candlesticks so I thought it might be fun to paint them they are..

There is a little diamond dust to add that sparkle.

I am more than pleased with this little area. I have them grouped together while they dry. Isn't this just such a fun area? Are you tired of green yet? I hope not, I am just getting started. I have more items just waiting for me to get to them. The sunshine makes me smile and then I start working and working and Oh there is so much to tell you. But that is for another day.

Green is the Thing

Seems green has overtaken my paint brush. I have been spending some time working on some projects but for some reason I am in love with "tranquility" from Lowes. This is a little stand that I purchased for my dd. In her new home she did not have room for them so I thought I would repurpose them, a new life for each.

Now for some reason I seem to take pictures when the sun is bright in our sunporch so the colors are not showing as I would like but here she is!

But then I was bored with the green so the second one I painted gray and white and I am in love with it also. I will have to post a picture of the before, you will be surprised as to the looks of them.
  I have been working on a few new projects so look out I will have much to share so very soon.!

Saturday, April 13, 2013


What a great picture of so many of the good times we had with my parents. Today would have been Dad's birthday. We spent every birthday with Dad and Mom and they spent every birthday with us.
 My parents came to all the girls' softball games.  We would laugh and talk and eat through each of the games..they even sat out in the rain when they had to.  Mom would even wear the team colors. This picture was taken when the girls won the tourney game, we had a great day at the park! We have so many wonderful memories of both my parents..and this is just one example of how they were always there for us.
 We haven't forgotten our days many! The memories last a lifetime, they brighten our days when we are sad.
 So much time being with the ones we much love for them, so much love for us.
 Until we all meet again.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Painting for a Little Fun!

Hello Dear Friends,
  I did a little shopping with one of my dd's and I came home with this cute little wooden cabinet with two drawers. It was scratched and drab brown but I knew I could add some new life to it.
  I was just adding the knobs and letting it cure when I snapped this picture. When it is completely dry I will share another picture.

It has been raining here so I am painting on our back porch for now. The fumes from the poly are very strong but hopefully we will be able to open our windows soon.