Friday, April 12, 2013

Painting for a Little Fun!

Hello Dear Friends,
  I did a little shopping with one of my dd's and I came home with this cute little wooden cabinet with two drawers. It was scratched and drab brown but I knew I could add some new life to it.
  I was just adding the knobs and letting it cure when I snapped this picture. When it is completely dry I will share another picture.

It has been raining here so I am painting on our back porch for now. The fumes from the poly are very strong but hopefully we will be able to open our windows soon.


Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Looks GREAT!!!!

Karen said...

Hi Dianntha,
I like the size of this little drawer cabinet...lots of great uses for it. What do you have planned?

Heather Wise said...

I love the color and knobs! What sweetness! I am like Karen, what do you plan to use it for? I guess you will show us when it is done. I hate to wait... ;)

Sunday blessings!