Sunday, September 2, 2012

Choosing My Blog Name

 I have decided to accept the challenge from Karen . She is having a giveaway for those bloggers who write a post about how we decided on our blog here we go.
  I have lived in  Ohio my entire life and have lived on a working farm until the day I got married (well kinda...actually until I started teaching). I think when you grow up on a farm it becomes part of your identity. I can remember feeding the calves before breakfast. We would slip on our boots and and heavy wool jackets and head to the barn. Oh it was cold and dark but when we were done we would run for the house. After we got washed up we would get ready for school.  And then all the days in the summer we would spend in the fields...hoeing and driving the trackers. Oh my goodness...when I got ready to start a blog, what else would I have named it...Ohio Farm Girl and Ohio Farmers Daughter??? Seems logical to me.
  My Dad used to read my blogs especially when he was in Florida. Sometimes I would tell a story about something I remembered and he would call me and laugh and tell me what he remembered instead.  Dad was proud to be part of my blog.  Miss you Dad.
 So, Karen..that is how I came up with the name....Ohio Farm Girl


Karen said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH for joining in and what a lovely story.
I'm so happy your father was a big part of your blog too.
Please e-mail me the link to the post so I can put it in my file for the drawing.

Heather Wise said...

I loved this too- I liked how you and your dad remembered stories slightly different. What precious memories. What a wonderful father to take an interest in your blog!

Thank you for taking the time to share!


bettyj said...

Too sweet. What precious memories you have of farm life. Enjoyed your post.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Thanks so much for sharing!!!
Pug hugs :)

Farmchick said...

That's funny...everything is in how we perceive it!! Come say hi!

Christine said...

Love your story and how your dad enjoyed remembering those precious shared moments!
Best wishes

Tina said...

hmmmm, after a little break from blogging, it's good to remember why I did it and chose my blog name as well.
enjoyed reading your post

Vicki said...

Love your story!