Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Another glimpse of the bedroom..and autumn dreams....

  Seems like I have once again been busy getting the girls ready for the beginning of their college classes. The oldest has already started classes as of yesterday and the middle daughter is starting in September. Our youngest will be a senior in High school this year and we do not start until after Labor Day. But somehow this has taken up a lot of my my time.
 I do have a few pictures to share. I wanted to share the progress on my daughters rooms since I never did get to show you what we were up to. Although we are finished with all the hard stuff we seem to be decorating it slowly. This picture does make the room look small but actually it is a nice size room...it must be the angle I was standing as I took the picture. My dd seems to be in a slow mode so I am letting the rest up to her...whew..that was easy.
 This is a sign of fall just out front of our home this morning. I was walking and I thought what a beautiful fall day...(we are having a taste of fall the last few days)...and the sky was so beautiful that I walked back and got my camera. The bottom of the stalks are turning brown and it won't be long before the rest follows.
 I went straight to the shed and hung out the first fall decoration!!! Yep...a fall wreath is hanging on our party room door....aaahhhh...feels good.
 The flowers beside the door are still screaming summer...lol..and that's ok but I just couldn't resist putting the wreath out just because I wanted to.
Do you remember this tree. This tree stands proud in our front yard and every year I watch if for fall color. Asy ou can see, as of today it is still a lovely green and is great for shade..but let me show you a picture of this tree last fall.
 Isn't she a beauty? I will keep an eye on her for you and let you know when she is showing her color this year. I know it will be a while but I am looking forward to it.
 I have been working on a few fall cross stitch pieces and I will post them tomorrow! thanks for stopping by...be blessed.


Alice said...

You did a super job on the paintwork and I love that wreath.
Please don't tell me winter is on its way. I am still waiting for summer!!!

Heidi said...

Your daughter's room looks great. Is she going to college from home or away during the week?

I know it is hard to wait once the first signs of autumn come. I just posted recently about that on my home and garden blog. I love autumn decorating but won't do much this year since we are packing to move. I will enjoy seeing yours and others online instead. I am however working on a new autumn flower arrangement now. At least, I can enjoy that on my dining room table while we are moving. :-) Love your wreath and the door!

I will be looking forward to seeing what you are stitching.

Hugs from Holland ~

Intern said...

Your fall pictures are gorgeous! The corn at home is looking exactly like that and all the farmers are getting ready to go out into the field- a sure sign of fall!

Linda said...

Dinanntha, your DD room turned out so nice and I like what I'm seeing. Where are the girls going to school this year have you finished home schooling?

I know Fall is on the way but so far no signs of it here. I love your wreath....now I'm anxious to set some things out too...hugs, Linda

p.s. Looking forward to seeing what you are stitching...L

Littlebit said...

What a pretty wreath, and I love all of the colors around it..the woodwork, etc..and that tree! Oh, is there anything prettier than a fall tree??

redesigngal said...

Hi Dianntha: Love your DD's room. I used the same lamp when I redid one of my granddaughter's room. So fun for a teen! We had 108 here today so fall doesn't seem close at all.
Thanks for stopping by my blog, http://theoldefarmhouse.blogspot.com and leaving a sweet comment. Come by again and be a follower as I will be on here. Prim Hugs, Joy

Martha Ruth said...

Dianntha, Thanks so much for dropping by my blog and becoming a follower. I think it's great that you put up a Fall wreath already! Nothing wrong with overlapping the seasons in my book. I hope to be posting pics of the trees as they change up here too. I just love all of that color!

Your daughter must be like mine... She loves those dark reds and burgundy shades. Luckily I was able to talk her into a bit of an Americana theme using them! LOL She's grown and living out of state now, but I haven't changed her room much. Just a new Country Living quilt that I got for a steal on clearance. (Gotta love clearance!)

Hope you enjoyed the painted cow pictures! Stop on by from time to time. I'll be checking in here regularly! Peace and Blessings, Martha

Laurie said...

Last week was just perfect, wasn't it? I don't believe I've ever seen such a blue sky.

The bedroom looks great. I really like that lamp. And the tree...gorgeous!