Friday, March 13, 2009

How about sheep in the livingroom?

I am thinking about moving some sheep into my living room. Ok, I mean, I am thinking of decorating with some sheep in my living room. Char at the Pickled Pepper Patch has been offering a series of stitcheries featuring sheep and this is the first one that I have done. I did tea stain it but I am considering making it just a little darker. I think I will be framing it but when I went on a search for a frame, well lets just say that I haven't found what I am looking for just yet.
I have been considering starting to spring clean my living room. The winter dust is bothering me and I would love to paint that room too. My dd are just having more painting for now...they say. Ok, but at least I could get rid of the winter dust and stale air, couldn't I? We do a lot of painting at our rental properites and the girls and I just spent 3 weeks painting one of our apartments so they do not want to pick up a paint brush right now. I don't either really but I love to dream of what a new color would be like.
I have been to lowes many times in the last two months looking for the perfect new counter top for my kitchen. I think I have found it so now I am waiting to go with my dh so we can price it and see if we can afford to put it on sometime in the next 6-8 months. I will keep you posted when we finally make it to lowes.
Anyways, back to sheep. I have few items to put in my living room that have sheep on them and I am thinking of trying to find a sheep or two for my mantle. I don't do much decorating for spring or summer. I think because we are always working on outside projects and I am just not inside enough to enjoy it. But I do like it nice and clean so....well....I guess....maybe....I will at least start to clean one I go. Until next blessed.


simple~needs said...

i think sheep in the living room is a great idea, especially since they aren't the pooping kind. lol

Linda said...

I love sheep. Anywhere. Linda

Tolentreasures said...

Cute stitchery! have you ever tried "burning" them in the oven? I have not but my daughter does that to prim them up a little more.


Karen said...

Go for it!
I have little grouping of sheep in almost every room.

BittersweetPunkin said...

I have a few prim sheep in my living them.

I have been looking for a large wooden cutting board to put on top of my stove to hide the burners...maybe I'll see if they can just cut me one and then I'll rough it up a bit.

Hope all is well in your neck of the's still cold and wet here.

kari and kijsa said...

Happy St. Patricks Day!
blessings, kari & kijsa

Meggie said...

Can't wait to see the sheep and the new counter tops.