Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Good news and a quick craft

Well, I have great news to report! My mother was able to catch a plane to Daytona Beach and is now safely home with my father. It is wonderful that she is healing so quickly after two major problems.
On another note...while she was here I decided to do a craft to keep my hands busy while I was taking care of her. I thought I would share a pic...of my primitive eggs. I gave a set to a dear friend and she adored them. I hope you can get a good look at them...they are made from wool skirts and jackets that I purchased at the Goodwill. They turned out rather cute and are now on my coffee table. I am thinking about adding them to a friends store and see if I could sell a few sets for some extra spending money.
I will update again tomorrow because I have a pic of a wonderful treasure that I picked up yesterday...thanks for sticking with me while I was gone.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Quick update.....

Thanks for hanging in there with me....since we last spoke my mother had been resting from her heart stints but was having trouble with the new I took her to the heart doctor last Tuesday and they worked on reducing some of the new meds. When we returned home within two hours she was feeling terrible and we were off to the emergency room.....later that night they did emergency gall blader surgery. She is such a trooper, she came through with flying colors and on wednesday they released her and she has been with me since then.
Today we acutally went to Walmart for a short while and she is having very little pain. We are so blessed that she was here for all these problems and not in florida where we could not have been with her. My dad is in Florida awaiting her return...which is suppose to be next Tuesday.
I have been very busy but I do miss visiting all of you and I will return when I can. Please continue to pray for her recovery...and safe travel.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I"ve been away and I missed you

I am sorry that I have been away and I have missed visiting all of your blogs. My mother flew in from Florida on Sunday to visit her brother who is in critical condition in a near-by hospital. When she arrived she was having chest pains, she had bi-pass surgery 17 yrs ago. We made an appointment with her family doctor who placed her in the hospital yesterday and today she had a heart cath where they placed two stints in her arteries. She is feeling better but must spend another night in the hospital and then is coming home with me to recover for a few days. We are so thankful that they were able to help her and that all went well. I will go and pick her up tomorrow but she will have to rest for a few days. As of now a trip to see her brother is out of the question but we will sure enjoy having her while she is in Ohio.
I promise to visit all of you once I get caught up and get a little rest but for now hug your loved ones at every chance!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Angel print

I found another deal. I collect angels...kinda randomly I guess. Anyways, I found another Diana Swartz print that was on clearance and then another 20% off of that. Now who could not take that deal? I thought she was so beautiful and I love Diana Swartz. Anyways, there is a little shop going out of business and on the 19th everything is 30% off or you can take your chances and wait for the 40% off. I decided to pic up the angel now but I am waiting for a few other items.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Another treasure

Here is another treasure that I picked up for next year....It is a beautiful tree with gold and clear large beads...It really is beautiful even if you can't see it for sure. I wish I had gotten for each side of the mantle. What was I thinking??? It was originally $28 and I bought it for under $ that's my kinda price.
It has been so warm here the last two the 60's our furnice about roasted us as the house got up to 80...I think we need a new thermostat...
Tomorrow it is suppose to be 48 now that is more like it. Have a great evening.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

I found some wonderful deals at the after Christmas sales and I thought I might show a few of them. Hobby Lobby had just priced their items at 80% off when we discovered the sale. I found this wonderful garland all glittery with pine cones and a little green...perfect for when I take down the stair railing and put this up for the rest of the will really be cheery, I think. The little pair of skate I found at Kohls last year but I just started putting out my winter items so I thought I would share a pic of them too.
As far as the bedroom goes....I put on my work jeans and went to that room...sat in the chair and tryed to come up with as many ideas as possible...I am seriously thinking of pulling up the carpeting very soon and seeing what condition the hardwood floors are in....If I don't pull up the carpet then the room will be blue and brown similar to the bathroom since those two rooms are close together. If the carpeting goes then the sky is the that would be fun! We will see.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

More Snow

It seems we are getting more snow. Usually December is not a big snow month...but for the last few days we have been getting snow even when the weatherman said the snow was over. We were suppose to get 3 inches but we really have about 8 inches and very cold weather, I think it is about 14 right now.
The girls are getting ready to go to a move and dinner and dh is at work so I am going to settle in for an evening of cross stiching and channel surfing...I love HGTV so that may just be what I do....
I am gearing up for two winter projects. The first is going to be a make-over in our bedroom. Nothing major just stripping off the wallpaper...painting the walls and ceiling....maybe pulling up the carpet and going with the original hard wood curtains, new bedding....and rearrange the furniture...see I told you that I love HGTV.LOL I'm not sure when this project will start...I am thinking maybe the 1st of March! But for now I thought I would share a picture you have seen before in different with some snow. Enjoy your day.
ps...the second project is my kitchen, more on that later.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year..and a near miss....

We were home and happy for the beginning of the New Year...but earlier in the evening...around 6pm I took my daughter to her friends house and we saw a drunk driver. At first I thought maybe someone was eating or talking on their cell phone because they kept weaving but when we got to the 4 lane highway...they turned onto the ramp headed the WRONG way. There were 5 cars around me and we all stopped. I pulled out my cell and called the local police...I was scared. I dropped my daughter off and don't you know this person must have turned around because they were in front of me again...and turned onto a 2 lane state rode I wasn't sure if I should call the police again since they were now on a different road and I knew the police were searching the wrong yes I did call again...and this car pulled into a parking lot and I told the police where they were....I don't know what happened but that was not the way I wanted to end my year...of course it was better to end the year that way than to start the new one that way....anyways we are safe and happy looking forward to an enjoyable day.