Thursday, January 26, 2012


  Today as I was driving to work as I entered the exit ramp it seems my van decided to to give van wouldn't all!!!! Seems my van lost it's transmission. You have got to be kidding, just like that it was done. Now I had been thinking about getting something different in a few months but today that was not on my mind. I have not had time to test drive, I have not even decided for sure what I wanted. But van died. I think today I have had enough.

About the Paint Choices

Really..they are shades of gray. If you go to the Lowes site you may get a more true color. Just wait till you see them on the wall...I promise they are better than they appear!

Paint Choices

 Ok so some of you have asked what I am up to so I thought I would share my colors. These are the three shades I have chosen so far. They look much darker on the internet that they do in my hand.
    The silver dust is what I think is going on the wall. I have to be very careful that it doesn't take on a pink cast since my woodwork is cherry.  The seashell gray I think is going on the ceiling. My ceiling are very tall and I don't want them to make my room cold so I think a little darker shade will help. Filtered shade is going on the molding...or it is going to be a semi gloss white...not sure. But then that is why they are called testers, right!!!!!
  I have three rooms that are open to each other so as of now this is the theme. I will not have a chance to get them on the wall until saturday unless I get a bust of energy after work..not likely! lol
I am always open to more ideas if you have them!!!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Making some paint choices..

  Well I have finally chosen the paint for my dining room, my living room and my foyer. But just to be sure I bought test paint.  So far I have not had the time to put the test paint on the wall...but I will this weekend.  I can't wait to see them one wall during all times of the day. If  I wasn't so tired I would get up and look up the names of the paint...sorry.

  I have come up with a color least I think I have but I will keep that tight until I see the test paint.

  I do have a few new things going on here but I can't share that just yet...but I will.
  Hope you are doing well...we  are doing fine too. I am ready for some warm weather....Georgia here we come!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Counting My Blessings!!

  I want to thank all of you for your prayers and sweet, kind comments. My family has had a rough few months and your prayers have surrounded us with love and protection. I know that you must be the most kind, compassionate friends I have have ever encountered.
  Could I ask for your continued prayers as we go through the next few months? I will share what I can..but know there are struggles ahead and lessons to be learned and I know that God's mighty right hand has me in His grips!!!
  We are doing ok and adjusting to a new normal but in the midst of the pain just know that I have felt your love and prayers surround me!

Friday, January 20, 2012


  Today we had our first measurable snowfall. We had better enjoy it because it is suppose to rain all next week.
   Today was a good day...thank you Lord for all you do for me!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Dad, Bucky Walter

  Well, my Dad is back from Florida and the preparations are made for the viewing today. What a terrible day this is going to be. My Dad was on the the most brilliant men I have ever met. He was a farmer but was constantly reading and studying and researching. He had a lot of perception when it came to dealing with people!
  My Dad was a hard worker and an avid golfer. He was tough but had a way of surprising you with large gifts. My Dad didn't like Christmas and he didn't want to spend money or birthdays but when he gave, he gave big. Remember in 2008 when my parents paid to have a building built on my property? Ya, that was the way he gave. Dad and Mom spent 2008 and 2009 working at our home finishing the building and putting in a new driveway. Dad helped with all the landscaping and he and Mom we so happy to know that I have big plans for that building.
  Dad never recovered from losing Mom. He was not himself. He could not figure out a way to find a new normal and at 80 years old he just gave up. Mom had taking care of him his whole life and without her he was lost.
  The photo is of my daughter and my Dad when she graduated from the University of Findlay in May.
He was so very proud that yet another of his grandchildren had a college degree.
  Mom was so determined to be at the graduation of our daughter and our other daughter graduated in June from High School. I am so thankful that they were both her for my children.
  I really needed Dad to come home from Florida and try to get back to normal. We have all counted on him our whole lives but Dad was called home to be with Mom and now they are both at peace together.
  We have already started to say out goodbyes, each in our own way. I have a long hard journey ahead of me. I am not sure how you recover from such a huge loss. The death of my parents is just unimaginable. I am going to need your prayers everyday. I am going to hold on to Jesus to lead me through this path of grief. I appreciate your kind words of love and support. Thank you for being there for me the last 5 months. God be with you.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tragedy Strikes Our Family...

  Dear Friends, Yesterday my Dad went to be with the Lord. He had not been sick but he had been suffering since the loss of Mom just 5 short months ago. I truly believe he died of a broken heart. He had not recovered at all from the loss of Mom. She was his everything and he didn't really realize it until she was gone.
  I know that they are truly happy together in Gods' arms but our hearts are devastated....shock..beyond belief. I do not have the words for this but rest assured I know that they are not suffering apart any longer.
  My world was forever changed in August and now it changed again...forever. I am in such anguish. My Dad was in Florida and I just don't know if he could have returned to Ohio to all of her things again...Please pray for us at our lowest hour....we need all God has to offer to survive without them.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


  I have been spending time trying to find the perfect paint color...colors. As most of you know I do not care for  white ceilings and I also need a color for the moldings so I have been spending a lot of time at the paint store. I also have to consider that I have 3 rooms that enter into each other. So all the rooms are going to be painted and all the paint must be chosen before I begin because they have to co-ordinate.
 Now, I need at least 4 or 5 colors...what a problem this has become. I found a color I liked but it was not on a color wheel so I have to find all the colors myself. I also have large woodwork that has a tint of red in the stain that causes come paint to look pink.  So I think I have it narrowed down and will be going to get the paint on Friday and the painting will start on Saturday. One room for now until I get the wall paper stripped off. I am happy to get started on a project. I am just hoping I have found a color I can live with. We will see. ps...we can always repaint, right?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Your Ideas on a Make-over Needed!!

 I have been contemplating a make-over on my foyer for quite some time. before Mom got sick she was going to help me get this wall paper off the wall and paint it a nice shade of whitish--grayish something!! We talked and laughed but with 3 graduations in 2 years there was just not enough energy for all that. Once she got sick I never thought about it again. But now as I am putting the decorations away I am thinking that is time to make myself busy. This is the light that  has hung in our foyer since we bought the house. I loved it's strange bulbs and how different it was. Now it just seems strange and ugly.
 In behind you can get a taste of the wallpaper. I am ready for it to go!

 There are some beautiful stain glass windows, woodwork and an open stair case that could make this room into a stunning entryway. I know that the lighting is bad but I think you can see that there is another window on the landing. The stairs are already just wood.
 I am not sure about a paint color or anything else for that matter. If you would like to share your ideas for this room please feel free to let it all hang out....I could use some inspiration here!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Ending the year..beginning the next....

  Well, Christmas is over and the new year is here but truly not much has changed. It is still the first Christmas without Mom and there is nothing to do about it. My family did their best to make my Christmas the best it could be and I love them for it. We had a wonderful Christmas together and we did spend time together and even watched old home movies..we laughed and we cried..and we were together. I will post a picture of something special I received a special present from my oldest is such a treasure. But I just can't share the picture today..I am just too sad..but I will share.
  My Mother adored Christmas. She would decorate her home and make crafts all year long getting ready for Christmas. When we visited her in Florida a few years ago..probably in January, she was painting winter scenes...again..Christmas. She would go with each of us to shop for our children so they would have great presents under her tree...we would pick things out for under her tree...we had so much fun...and she did too. When they stopped coming home for Christmas Mom would make sure we each got money in the mail for Christmas. It wasn't about the money but she wanted us to know that she loved us and had not forgotten about us at Christmas even though she was not there. So this year I guess Dad decided not to send Christmas money...but ya know..all my kids talked about was how much they missed their Maw Maw and how much time she spent with us...they didn't mention the money....they loved her so much. They knew that the money was always from her..her way of spreading her love. It is too bad that Dad didn't carry on the tradition in Mom's memory but he never did like Christmas..I guess I was just hoping he would honor her.
  As I start to put my Christmas decorations away I am looking at all the things my Mom made for us. Quilts and paintings and so much more. What a joy she was to all of us. So now, we must somehow carry that joy with us...and send it into the next generation without her here but with her love ever close...she has covered all of us in a canvas of love and that is what we must take with us.
  I will eventually find a special way to show my children and grandchildren that same love and acceptance and joy. That will be my legacy to them. So today I started to put a few things away thinking of all the memories I have with her...and how I cherish those memories and all the things she left you who craft and give to your children...just know that your children will find such comfort and love in those things when you are no longer with them...they will hold them and hug them and remember...they will remember....and they will love.