Sunday, March 18, 2012

Continuing on ...

I have been working my tale off on my new living room. Painting and moving furniture around. I don't have any decorations up just yet but I am in the process. I am looking for new lamps and curtains then maybe I will get the decorating done! It seems I have just been so busy that I only work on it in small sections so it takes days before I get much done. But tomorrow is a new day and I will be working at organizing all the items I took out of the room..the left-overs. They all have to go somewhere and tomorrow I am hoping to find just the right spot!!
  I have been have a few heart pains. This is about the time each year that my parents would come home from Florida. This is the first year that neither will be coming back. Last year when they came home we found out Mom was sick...when she passed away it was only 4 months and Dad passed away neither are returning. It seems like a dream and that they have been in Florida all this time. So I have minutes of panic and sorrow...they are gone. I know they are gone but my heart has not figured it out. I have suffered so much all winter and I was ready to tackle a project to help make things so new and different. There are struggles to come but I know that I am strong and my faith is strong and somehow God will make a way for me to continue with a broken heart. That being said, I will try to post some pictures of what I do have done and we will see what you think!!
  Until tomorrow..blessings to each of you.