Thursday, August 23, 2012


    Today is the first anniversary of my Mother's new life. One year ago she entered the Gates of Heaven to be with the ones that went before her. I will not be selfish today...I will not grieve today because today was the best day of her was her day to enter Glory.
     My Mother taught me it was better to speak gently than be right, she taught me that it was okay to take a back seat and let someone else be in the spot light. My Mother taught me to always put others first and not to be strong in a quiet love your family unconditionally.  Mother was loving and kind and never spoke a bad word about others. She was talented, a painter, gardener, quilter and a Mother to all my friends.
    I have spent every day missing her but today...just today..I will not be selfish and miss I celebrate what she has found...her one true home..and I will meet you there day.