Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Folk Art Giveaway

Check out this wonderful folk art that is being offered as a giveaway. I love patriotic. How wonderful!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Quilt banner for my kitchen door...

I found this pattern in the May 2004 issue of Quilting Ideas from Better Homes and Gardens. They actually made it into a flag but I wanted something different to hang on the back door as you enter my kitchen from the porch. I think I am going to make one the same size for each season so all I have to do is hang it on the same nails.
I have started on for fall and I am working on the colors but I hope to have it done soon. If your library has this issue check it out. They have the pattern for this one and two more. One with sunflowers and one that is a USA primitive flag.
I have been busy working on our pool and finishing our softball season. We did end in second place but didn't make it to the finals in tourneys...but the girls are glad the season is over because we have more to do this summer and it is already almost the 4th of July. How can that be?
I planted a few flowers to day but then it got so hot that I decided to work on the how much fun is that?
I am going to come visit each of you and then...who knows...might start something new!!!
Until next blessed.

Beautiful Christmas design....

You simply must visit Helen and see her wonderful designs. She is just fabulous and I just found her today. She is having a giveaway...better stop by. Enjoy.
I'm sorry...for some reason my link will not show up so here you go...Hugs From Helen HTH Thanks Linda for letting me know!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A new design finished....

I wanted to put out a few bowl fillers the celebrate the $th of July and I wasn't too happy with my collection so I decided to open my cross stitch magazine and there was this beautiful door....well you can see what I actually stitched LOL but I do love the door. IThis little bowl filler is 2 inches by 4 1/2...pretty small. I did consider putting a little handle on it but then...I didn't think it needed it. I added the little border and I think I knew that it was done.

This is the picture of the entire design from the July 2009 Cross stitch and Needlework magazine. They are doing a collection of doors. I do love the entire design but I knew that right now I just need a little something so I choice the part I loved the most and this is what I came up with.

For now this little guy is sitting on a shelf in my kitchen. It adds a little Americana into such a small space. I really do love it.

We have been so busy with softball tourneys that I didn't even know when I would find the time to stitch but I guess it didn' take much time to do either design.
Our team will be getting the second place trophy for the league this year and we are still in the running for the championship so with us luck.
I have another knew design I am working on...almost done. Hope to share it tomorrow. Be blessed.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day...Pops

Saw my dad yesterday for Father's day...and I think I actually got him something that he liked. A large jar of honey. Our neighbors have bees and sell honey and my dad loves glad we found something he liked. I see dad often because we seem to keep doing projects. This week he is going on a golf outing so I might just get to have a slower week that ususal. Anyways...hope you got to spend the day with your pops too.

I pomised you a picture of my mulch helpers...He is Dad and my daughter and her bf. My other daughter escaped the can see the trailer now that we have most of it cleaned off. I am so happy that it is done but I am thankful for the help.
I am thankful that my dad drove the 70 miles round trip (twice) so we could get the mulch and finish the job. Is there time for a summer vacation?
I wish the summer projects were over but of course they have just begun.

One of the kids was mowing and ran over a rabbin nest that had 5 babies. One was killed but they rescued the others the next day. They were the cutest little bunnies.

Here the kids have just brought in the bunnies that we left by their Mother. We didn't touch them for 24 hours hoping the mother would they are now the caregivers...aren't they so cute? (I mean the

This one is baby...of course the smallest. He stayed with us two extra days so he could grow and then he was off....hopefully they found each other under the pines.

This is Carmal.

This is Bun-Bun.

This is Charlie..the biggest of the group.

Friday, June 19, 2009

A few new projects...

We have been so busy that I just have forgotten to post anything lately. I did finally put our my uncle sam...but I thought he was missing something..

Now that is better...just a little hot glue and...well what do you think?
I have a whole stack of Americana I will be putting out soon and then I will post
the before and after pics...

We also decided to finish the mulching this week. I was kinda tired but with a lot of help we did get it finished. I forgot to download the picture of my helpers but I will post them the next time.

This is the finish picture of the mulch and small frog pond. I will have to buy the landscaping items but but for now I am just happy with the mulch and I am tired...and it is 97 today...and I hate hot weather....ok...enough

I also finshed a few cross stich pieces but no pics time I will put them on too.
My kids are leaving for the movies in just a little while so then I may be able to sit and quietly be creative...we will see about that too. Well, the pizza is I am off...until next time. Be blessed

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Welcome Joanie Kittie

Yesterday Joanie arrived at my home from Penny
She smells so amazing every time you walk into the room. She is just adorable and I won her in Penny's 100 post give away...thank you so much Penny. She has a new home on my mantle and seems to be right at home. I adore her!!

Yesterday my dad brought his 16 foot trailer filled with mulch to put around our home. Two of my daughters, one bf, my dad and I spent a few hours (sometimes in the drizzle) shoveling it off the trailer and around my home and gardens. I really was work and I am happy that it was cool outside for this job. I wanted to get a picture but it is raining again today so I will try to get one tomorrow. The thing is we ran out of mulch before we were done so next week we have to do it again....can I say yuck...LOL but it does look great...and I did burn lots of
Well, today I am setting up my new sewing machine so I can finish some of my projects....lets hope I can figure it our. Until next blessed.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Another little house finished and one started

This is the last of the three houses that I am stitching from this pattern. I stated in an earlier post that I didn't care for the other two houses so I am stopping with the three I have posted. They are easy patterns to stitch and really don't take much time to finish. They come with the floss included...I don't care for that too much because I have found that I often run out of floss. But again...they are nice patterns.
I am not sure what I am going to do to finish them. I bought a frame and considered putting one out at a time for the seasons....I also considered little bowl fillers...just haven't decided yet.
I am waiting on our "plumber" today. The drain from my sink and dishwasher and laundry area is clogged...dh gets so upset with me. He worked on in yesterday and got the clog to move to the opening but then it clogged and he was unable to move it. He says there was too much soap build-up. Sorry honey but there are 4 girls in the family and there is going to be a lot of Hopefully it won't take much more to unclog it....just another day around here...
Seems like I am not getting much done outside. I did pull weeds for a while yesterday and we are going to mow later today...but there is much to be done...did I say I am tired? lol
Have a wonderful day and be blessed.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Another little house cross stitch design

This is the second little house I have started to work on. The first one is done but I have not decided if I will make them into little bowl fillers or if I will frame them. I bought a frame a little while back but if I keep these little houses I am not sure where I will hang them but I know there is always a bowl to fill. LOL
Things here are so busy...and it keeps on raining. I do not have my outside work done for the spring so that is bothering me too.
I think I am going for a short walk this morning before I get started on anything else...we have a little sunshine at the moment...then...well...who knows what project I will start on today. But the pool is ready to start the filter up and well that is a job in
Maybe I will have a second cup of blessed.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Which handle do you like best for my kitchen cabinets?

Well...we needed a new microwave so when I went to pick it out at Lowes and the man says they have a Whirlpool fridge...marked down...way down to a third the I said sold. When I told dh he said he was happy that I saved so much soooo..I thought he meant we could get the I went back and chose it here they Im have to change the door handles because they are shiny gold (they were here when we bought the house)....the kitchen light is next since it is gold too...but for me chose the handles!!! (ps...the counter top is the next to go) lol

Which handle do you think looks better??? These are my two favs.... one is polished silver the other black...