Monday, June 28, 2010

End of the Season........

We spent the weekend finishing out our softball season. the girls went 18-0 for the season. They have been playing since the middle of May. They worked so well together. Of the 18 games they won by more than 12 points all but 3 of the games. Both my daughters are on the team and DH is on the left in the back...the Head Coach....we are so proud. They won the league and the tournament.
 There are our four sad to see them go...Our dd is in the middle on the left....Good season Girls!

Tomorrow I will share a few make-overs. I repainted and redecorated a room and a bathroom.....stay tuned for that. I have more progress to show on my cross stitch too but for today I am working on a rental ...which is no fun...but has to be blessed and stop back!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Update on stitching and gardens!!

We are finally getting a nice sunny day here in Ohio. It has been raining for weeks. I decided to pop outside an snap a few pictures of the gardens...not too much blooming just yet but they are coming along. Enjoy.

A few months ago I started this patriotic stitch but I just have not had the time to work on it until the last few days so here is my progress!!

I am tired today so I am thinking of taking a nap and then we will see what happen from there. We do have a rental to work on this week and this is the last week of softball games until tournaments. So far we are undefeated with three games to hang in there girls!! Blessings.

Friday, June 11, 2010

More of the family gathering!

I wanted to share a few more pictures of Delaney's graduation party(by request). So here are a few more.

Delaney's graduation table...she loves purple and that was the color of her graduation...lots of purple and silver decorations. This table featured all the usual things plus all her trophys..we are proud of her!

Delaney's grandmother who baked all the cakes and her cousin.

Delaney's aunt who forgot she wasn't twenty, climbed over a fence and broke her ankle! This is a shot before the party started.

Delaney with her great aunts...they were so sweet that day!

My gardens are starting to come alive so I will be posted a few pictures of that and the cross stitch that I am working on. Stay blessed.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A peek at the graduate!

This is the dear child that graduated this past weekend. She loved this picture so I decided to use it so you could get a peek at her. She has been taking classes at a community college all year so she is a little ahead of the game....
I was going to sweep the pool today but the temperature was 68 degrees...freezing. There is no way I am getting wet with that cold water today. Since the graduation I have been taking it easy for a few days. But we have a rental that needs cleaned and made ready so I think I am going to get busy soon.
I did pick up my stitching today and I am making a little progress on that project. I will share a pic soon. I am thinking of starting back up on CaHRH very soon too since I want it to be done by October.
I do have a few make overs to share soon as I take a few pictures.
I did go for a walk today before the rain and it was so peaceful and the birds were was nice. Until next time...Be Blessed.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Graduation over and moving on!

Well, finally I have a moment to breathe!! The graduation party is over and I thought you might want a peek at the table. A dear friend prepared all the food and served and she just does a wonderful job!!! She is a preschool teacher and I think you can see how creative she is!

I can finally pick up a needle and finish some of my projects that have been waiting for me to return. I have been following some of you that are stitching and I am so excited to find some new patterns very soon.

The weather here has been so rainy....this was our front yard the day before the party! Thankfully it was all gone the next morning!!! I will be around to visit you...blessings.