Saturday, December 29, 2007


My bil decided to have Christmas dinner w/out us. This is the first time in 25 years that we are not all at Christmas dinner for his parents. My mil is in congestive heart failure and the beginning stages of dementia. When my bil set the date we told him that a saturday date would not work since my dh is a saturday mailman. I guess that made no difference to him because he set the date for today and said it was just too had to switch it...mind you there are only 3 families.
I think my bil is stubborn and wouldn't change his mind because he didn't want to. He didn't even call us until wed. to say it was set for saturday....
Wh took our presents for his Mom and Dad and they did spend the day with us on is just so sad to think that you would want your way so much that you would exclude your own brother and his family.
I guess that is the way to end the year because you sure wouldn't want to start the year on that note.
We are doing fine and looking forward to 2008. I hope you have a safe and flourishing new year. God bless you all.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

A great find

Today my middle daughter and I went to the mall to see what treasures we could find and sure enough we ran into a great bargin. We found sets of Christmas lights and icicle lights for just $3 a bought 8 boxes and smiled all the way to the van. Isn't it fun to find a few things at a great price. We bought 3 boxes of the icicle lights to go along the front porch, three sets of the classic style lights and 2 boxes of the regular lights but there are 150 lights in each set. We will be bright next year. I am so excited that I want to go ahead and put them up this family is saying, "MOTHER!!!!!"...I think that means no. LOL Oh well, I guess that gives me something to look forward to next year.
I also purchased a 7 ft. slim tree but I just can't seem to get a good picture of it. It was prelit so all I had to do was plug it that is the way to go.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Christmas season is closing

My daughters went shopping a picked up some snowmen for my collection. They are so cute and charming and the colors match my room...they are wonderful daughters. Thanks you girls!
I always think this is the saddest time of the year...when Christmas is so far away again. I am not looking forward to a long cold winter but I am looking forward to when my parents come home from Florida in March....

Monday, December 24, 2007

Very Merry Christmas to you

We have just returned from touring the lights around town and have now settled down for the evening. Tomorrow we will have the in-laws over for brunch and then travel to Ft. Wayne to spend Christmas with my sister and her family. We will make a short stop to see my other sister too...but just for a few minutes because she will be busy but I put together cookies and fudge that I wanted to take to her for her Christmas with her grown children. So, have a blessed and wonderful family Christmas...and my the Lord bless and keep you always. Dianntha

Friday, December 21, 2007

A super busy week

  Since I was last here so many things have been happenening. My dh is training for a usps job so three days this week I had to drive him 1 1/2 hrs away to training. I drove him because he was working nights all week then off work at six, drive for 1 1/2 hrs. and have classes for another 8 hours then back in the car for the long drive home....he was only getting 3 hrs of sleep so I was the driver for safety reasons. I spent 6 hrs in the van the first day...a very long day. But the next two days I go much smarter and spent my days at the nearest my brains out. WOW, are there a lot of sales out there.   We also had a snow storm last Sunday...really high winds...not so much fun. I think we got about 8 inches of snow...I try to post a pic that was out our back did look beautiful.  I wanted to show you my new tree too...I love trees...I also purchased two trees that are in urns that you place at the front door...60% off...quite a deal. I am going to put them out after I take the Christmas stuff down...I will post pics then.  I also took my middle daughter to get her driving permit...yes she passed and is so happy!!!  And finally, out eldest finished her first semester of her sophmore year with a 4.0!!! I am so proud of her!!!!  I will post again before Christmas!

Monday, December 17, 2007

It's Still Christmas....

Some weeks can be very trying.....I went to the salon on Friday to get some hightlights and cut a few inches off my hair. I found a picture of a simple cut that was to hang about to my collar bone...a nice length I thought. My beautician said that I had 10 inches of hair that I could give to Locks of Love...where they use human hair to make wigs for cancer patients. I was very suprised to hear that I had THAT much hair...didn't realize it was that wasn't and she cut it way, way, too short. Talk about dh hates short hair...and there was no getting around is SHORT..I wiLL NOT be sharing a pic until it grows to the length I had been hoping for...if you remember in the pic I posted a few months ago...I have (had) long curly hair.
Well...I had two choices...and I am choosing that my hair grows is Christmas and someone out there is getting my long hair for their new wig. I am ok with it...Kinda like the Gift of the's okay it's Christmas and my hair will dh is disappointed...but is okay with it....we are all okay.
Merry Christmas to you all...I am sending a pic of my Coke Santa that my Mom bought for me right before she left for makes me smile. Again, Merry Christmas!!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Holiday decorations

We have been trying to get our baking complete...two more batches to go and then we have fudge, smores and no bake cookies and we are done! There have been a few days that I have been under the weather or we would have been done. Actually we were to finish today but I just didn't have the energy for it today.
I don't think I have posted a pic of this corner where I placed a tree in the crock...if I have sorry for posting it again. It is one of my favorite areas.
I also wanted to show you a glimpse of my banister. For some reason I went with purple and gold...I like it but not my usual colors...I really wanted to put my silver tree up in the foyer but it just didn't work out this year...maybe next year.

Monday, December 10, 2007


I would love for my urns to look like this...mine are empty except for the dirt in the bottom...I think I need to work on that.
It has been so icy here, today it was really foggy. I am going to try to finish my shopping on Thursday when I am in town...hope the weather improves.
We need to finish our baking this week since we have a family Christmas on Sunday and we are in charge of the baked goods....I am also taking two ice cream pies...something a little different for a change. More tomorrow.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Another look down the driveway

I have posted pics of the driveway with all the beautiful trees in earlier posts so I thought I would share the first snowfall. We received 5 inches of snow yesterday and we are to get 3 tonight. It really does look beautiful...just like a Christmas card. All the trees are white and so wonderful. My youngest was the photographer who braved the elements so I could share the pictures. Didn't she take a good pic of herself? She is such a good one.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The sleigh

This is a little better pic of the sleigh. Can't you just imagine bundling up the kids and heading to Grandmas for Christmas morning....I can hear the carols being sung and smell the hot chocolate waiting once we got there. I think I was born in the wrong century .
The sky is so dreary today, it is almost 1:30 but it seems more like dusk. We started the day with a few flurries and the promise of more this evening...I think it can hold off for a little while longer. Like Christmas eve, but I don't think I get a vote in that matter.
Hope your day is going well...I am off for a dr. appointment and then a little shopping. Catch you tomorrow.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Wyandot museum

This is a picture of the front enterance...wish I could have gotten the entire building in one snap...I will post a pic of the sleigh on the front porch tomorrow.

I really wanted to share pictures of the museum from yesterday. It was so beautiful inside and out so I hope you can get a feel for it. The ceilings were wonderful and so were all the light fixtures. We spoke with many old friends and heard some wonderful music too. There was a group of singers and they were so outstanding that I could have listened to them for an hour. Anyways, I will try to show you some of the images we saw.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Our back porch

Since the weather is getting frightful...we can no longer use this rocking chair until spring so I thought I would spruce it up with a few items I had left over from my front porch. The fence section does have lights on it and some grapevine. The fence section is taken down in the spring to allow for more summer-like items. Our youngest is playing the piano at the local museum this afternoon for the Christmas open house so we will enjoy our afternoon...hope you enjoy yours too.