Monday, February 27, 2012

Link Party

   I have joined a link party. Please stop over and take a look at all the wonderful ideas and creations!!
   I have a few new pictures to share as soon as I can get my daughter to help me. I am using a new program and so far I have not figured out how to use it!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dining room make-over...

I seem to have been gone a long time After I took all the medicine I finally decided to make a few changes in our home. This is phase one of the dining room. I finished trimming the paint today and put the furniture in place. There is much more to be done. We are taking up the carpet in the spring when the windows can be open and I have a few more items to put on the walls. But for today...hey I am you remember where I started??
Yes, moss green and a few black pieces of furniture.
Then I decided  to test paint colors. This was a tough job since the old paint made the new paint strips look terrible.
So I decided to start priming and dh started putting up some new pieces of molding! We have very high ceilings and the molding seemed a little small.
Hubby put the trim up in between work over 2 days. And I kept priming.
Priming makes the room look just terrible. At this point I decided that the shades of white I had chosen just were not what I wanted so my daughter and I made a trip to Lowes for some painting advise. We actually took a chair with us so that we could try to color match. I knew I wanted a color from the chairs and Tony helped us make a matching color and an ultra white for the walls.
This make the room look small but it is not, I just can not get a very good angle but stay with me and I will share more pictures. My sister came over and helped me get this room painted and I can't tell you what a help that was.
This is the same shot with dimmed lights. I do not have my new light yet and I was too tired to finish the wall decorations but you are starting to get the idea.
Some of the items from the black shelf in the first picture.
I decided to put a crate beside the chair because that is where all the wires are hiding for our router for the computer and they are so nasty. I am thinking of moving our buffet to this wall tomorrow just to see if that is what I want there. I also have a wardrobe and a sellers cabinet that could be moved to this area too.
The centerpiece is run on batteries and I found them at TJ Max.

This is an option for our heater.  We have these fabulous radiators and the heat is wonderful so I make the best of them!
  I spent the morning touching up paint and then we moved the furniture around. All the original furniture in the room is sitting in the foyer and it is a mess. I am hoping that I can get some of the teens from our church to come and move it for me. But until then I will try to pretend that it is not there. I hope you can get the idea of where I am going with this room. Remember this is phase one and I have two more room that open into this room so they are up next. I am happy to have had some help but the next room is huge so I am going to get the girls to help as much as possible. So what do you think? Oh my, I just noticed that I did not get a good picture of the ceiling and molding. I will post them tomorrow!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Just so you know...

  Just wanted to let you know that I am here but not much is happening. I have been to urgent care to get some meds for this continual coughing. My fever is finally gone but the body ache is still alive and well so here I am sitting in the chair trying to rest before the week begins again.
  We have had so much pain and heartache the last few months but I am trusting that things will improve. I still have paint ready to go on the walls and so many projects in line but for now I am resting and dreaming. Wishing you a blessed day.