Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Hello Dear Friends,
   I am back today to talk about windows again.This is the one that I decided to keep for myself, it was the smallest of the three and I wanted it to fit inside my upstairs bathroom window so I took it outside to start to clean it up. It had many layers of dirt and a few spiders but all in all it cleaned up pretty nicely!
  I know it is difficult to tell but the middle set of diamonds have  a very light tint to them. It is so very pretty.
This is the window without the curtain. I had measured it before and I was pretty sure it was a go!
It was actually a pretty nice fit inside our window. I just have it leaning for now. I will show it to dh later to see if he wanted to attach it but honestly it is so heavy I don't think it is going anywhere.
A different angle.
Oh, I love it! I also added a believe sign since my last update!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bathroom Make-Over!!!!

 Dear Friends, The last week or so I have been wanting to finish my painting projects but the weather here as not been so good for drying. So, I decided to paint inside my home instead. With the air conditioning running and the music playing I painted our upstairs bathroom. Just so you know where I started, this is a picture of the make over I did a few years ago. I guess chocolate brown was my obsession since everything was brown.

Same wall with the update.
 OK, back to the new make-over. This is mostly the same angle. Now you will see on the left  the lights and mirrors..they will be changed but dh was busy...
 I found this light at Lowes and it is so cute when it is on..
 Not bad when it is off either.
 I wanted to make it look more farmhouse style with a little vintage.
 The cabinets were oak and they are in good shape so a coat of paint and new handles and we are good to go.
 This is the other cabinet same paint, same handles.
This was a window frame that my Dad gave me. It was leaning in his barn and when I said I loved it he handed it over..he said now what will you do with that....Well Dad, this is where it is now!
The Vintage Farmhouse is where I got the inspiration for this garland. I ripped up an old linen and tied in on a rope of jute! This is a beginning. I also have a bucket for a waste can that missed the picture. When I get the lights up I will give you another glimpse.

Friday, June 14, 2013

In Honor of my Dad for Father's Day.

Friends, In honor of Father's Day I am going to share a few pictures of my Dad, in his memory.

 A Vet. of the Korean War. So young and handsome.
 A time when my parents were so very young and happy!
 My Mom was always a sharp dresser and her hair was so fashionable..this is such a wonderful portrait of both of them. Long side burns were the rage.

 On vacation out west somewhere. Dad, Mom and Me.

We had a formal party for my dd 1st birthday and here are some of the important men in my life. Wish my dh was in this one. What a fun time we had! 
Our last Thanksgiving together. They cooked the turkey and we had a wonderful day!!! My favorite men.
  I am thankful for all the things my Dad taught me and all the time he spent with me and my family. And for all the times I would pull in the driveway and he would be working out my house on one thing or another. What great memories we share..love and peace to you, Dad.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Summer Home Tour!

I did not want to miss all the fun. Shabby Creek Cottage is having a summer home tour and once I had visited the homes I just wanted to be a part of all the fun so...Welcome to our home!
In keeping things real you will notice the dust on the porch floor, yes, we living if farming country and with all the planting that has been happening the porch will be like that until July.

 The old desk stays on the porch year around but most everything else gets moved around. I usually have a red, white and blue porch from Memorial day till the 4th but since my Dad's passing I just can't put it out!
 When you step inside the front door this is my collection of crocks..well, part of them!
 At this point you can head up the stairs or

 into the dining room. The pocket doors on the right would lead to the living room. We will enter through the dining room today.

 This is just a few projects I am working on. A little jewelry

 and to the other side of the room.

 Sometimes I forget to show our built-in but today I remembered.

 On to the living room. This is a very large room with 5 big windows. Today the breeze is blowing the curtains and it is so nice and sunny.
 This is the first summer with this wall color so I am not sure about the bright colors I added for summer but it is a learning curve and I love to decorate so for now they stay.
 If you read my blog then you remember when I made this wreath and the rest have been there for a while..just a little plain for this season.
 I know this is not a very good picture but I wanted to share my counter top. It is recycled glass with broken mirrors that sparkle like glitter.
 And I am in love with my vintage spice bottles so now I will add a touch of blue to the kitchen too.
 If you walk in my back door then this is where you enter. Our kitchen is the hub of our home and as you can see we have another staircase in the kitchen.
 Now you can see the bathroom and I have to be honest it is the most fun to decorate.

 The only color in this room is the decor so with each season I just change it out and it is such fun. It is very simple to make it look so different. For the summer we have a beach theme.
 This beauty is on our back porch but I just can't show the rest, that is for another day.
Please come back and visit. I will have the coffee on!

Priming Furniture

Good Morning Friends.
   Have I ever said I hate to paint??? I know, and I paint every day..lol. But really these are my two projects right now. This is what it looks like with just one coat of primer.  It has been very cloudy and cool here so it has delayed the finishing coats of paint. I have both of these two pieces to finish and then I  move on to a china cabinet. I am hoping to have them all done within the next few days. I decided on a white exterior on this cabinet with a gray inside.
This buffet is going to be a green/blue. At least that is the plan. Sometimes once I start painting I change my mind.
and for dinner...chicken and veggies. Now that is the way to finish a day. But for today, I have to finish a few projects that don't include paint!!! 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Anticipating a Make-over! Updated!

  Dear Friends,
    Am I the only one who starts thinking about a make over while I am in the middle of a different project? I have been painting furniture and making jewelry..this is after I finished working on my shed!
     I starting thinking about how a few changes and I could change the look of my second floor bathroom. So while I was working on painting I was dreaming of what I wanted this room to look like when it was done. Since I am transforming each room to a more vintage look, I knew I would have to paint the walls and then I thought about painting the cabinets. I have oak cabinets in that bathroom that I have never cared for so a nice soft gray or white sounds so great!
    That bathroom still have the original carpet in it so I have been thinking about what I want the flooring to be also.  Now, I am not ready to do anything to this room but when I dream, the walls will no longer be chocolate brown but I am not sure what I do want them to be and that is ok since I am only dreaming.
     This dream all started with the lighting. The lights by the mirror are beyond out of date but I have looked for months to find something as my inspiration. I knew that I can paint and change the lights now without much expense but with big impact. My dh is too busy to start a big make-over but with a little paint and new lights I know I can start the process. So as I am painting furniture this week, I am dreaming of a make over in the house. Is this how it happens for you too? I will share a picture of the new bathroom lights very soon!Updated...here are the lights that are going up very soon!

Monday, June 3, 2013

She is a Show Stopper!

Hello Dear Friends,
  I wanted to share a piece of furniture that I painted a while back. She turned out so nicely that I almost decided to keep her but my real intent was to add her to my collection that I am selling. I have been working on pieces for my little business. She seems to be a show stopper. Everyone who comes in my back door has fallen in love with her. I will be moving her shortly. I think I will have a big empty space when she is sitting. But the fun is finding something else to fit into the space! Hope you are having a wonderful Monday!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Crafting A Little Early

Good Morning Friends,
   Yesterday I was having a blue day so I thought I would do some crafting to lift my spirits! My dd and I had been to Hobby Lobby a few days ago and I had picked up a few Halloween decorations so that is where I began.
    I spent the afternoon putting this one together and I actually put together a second one too but no pictures yet! I needed a few more items to finish this one off. I do think it is a good start even though Halloween is a long ways away I didn't care I just wanted to make something just for fun. This is a  Tim Holtz configuration box.
    Have a good Saturday!