Thursday, March 26, 2009

Another punch needle

I guess my posts have slowed way down. Honestly, I have been busy but just nothing that would interest all my blogging friends. LOL I wanted to show you another punch needle that I finished a week ago. I am working on a stitchery right now and hope to show you my little creation once it is done.
It is cloudy and rainy and cold here...not very spring-like so far but my parents are coming home from Florida this weekend and they are going to freeze. Our forecast has snowfulurries for this weekend so look out.
I have many projects to frame or make into wallhangings...I am having a hard time deciding which way to go. I have been visiting many of you and you have all been so busy...I have been busy putting down grass seedd.LOL Not much fun but necessary.
Well, I will try to be back tomorrow with something more interesting. Until then, be blessed.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Still cold but making the best of it...

I guess since it is still cold here I have decided to bring spring to the is just a small cheerful item I added to my bathroom. If you shop at Kohls then you have seen this item.
I have been working on a few projects but nothing to share just yet. Until next time, be blessed.

Friday, March 13, 2009

How about sheep in the livingroom?

I am thinking about moving some sheep into my living room. Ok, I mean, I am thinking of decorating with some sheep in my living room. Char at the Pickled Pepper Patch has been offering a series of stitcheries featuring sheep and this is the first one that I have done. I did tea stain it but I am considering making it just a little darker. I think I will be framing it but when I went on a search for a frame, well lets just say that I haven't found what I am looking for just yet.
I have been considering starting to spring clean my living room. The winter dust is bothering me and I would love to paint that room too. My dd are just having more painting for now...they say. Ok, but at least I could get rid of the winter dust and stale air, couldn't I? We do a lot of painting at our rental properites and the girls and I just spent 3 weeks painting one of our apartments so they do not want to pick up a paint brush right now. I don't either really but I love to dream of what a new color would be like.
I have been to lowes many times in the last two months looking for the perfect new counter top for my kitchen. I think I have found it so now I am waiting to go with my dh so we can price it and see if we can afford to put it on sometime in the next 6-8 months. I will keep you posted when we finally make it to lowes.
Anyways, back to sheep. I have few items to put in my living room that have sheep on them and I am thinking of trying to find a sheep or two for my mantle. I don't do much decorating for spring or summer. I think because we are always working on outside projects and I am just not inside enough to enjoy it. But I do like it nice and clean so....well....I guess....maybe....I will at least start to clean one I go. Until next blessed.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bedroom make-over and appligue' project done.

Last week, Tidy Mom was saying that she was thinking of changing her bedroom to blue and brown. I asked her if she wanted some pictures from my bedroom and she said yes. Also, since I painted last fall I don't think I ever posted any pictures so here we go...enjoy.

I call our bedroom blue and brown but as I look at the pictures I guess the walls are brown and taupe and the only blue is just accents around the room. I am not a huge blue fan but the carpet has blue and brown in it so I can't change the colors to much until I change the flooring. We have lived here for 8 years and I have repainted this room 4 times. I just wasn't happy with it. Right now I think it looks okay and we are actually going to make some changes to our kitchen so I can't change the carpet just yet but believe's days are

The picture above the table was actually given to my many years ago by my mother-in-law. It has some of the same blue as in my pillow shams.

This is the right side of the bed. The side table actually belongs to my sister as does the large flower arrangement. She is often changing her home and then I borrow items from her to decorate my home...kinda like recyling! LOL The frames have blue in them and you can see that the next wall is a taupe color. It is a very calming color.

The fireplace is on one of the dark walls. I am not sure about the window frame so for now I is just leaning against the wall. If I decide to leave it I will then hang it up a little higher than it is in the picture. The two candlesticks I found on the 80% off shelves at Hobby Lobby. They seem to work.

This is the top valance of our battenburg lace...Tidy Mom was asking about them. They are a light tan and the lace matches that color. I really was not looking for curtains with lace but they seem to work.

This is the side view of my curtains.

Here is my basket with all the applique' done. I think that it turned out okay for my first try. I am not sure if I will frame it or make it into apillow. Any suggestions? I have another pattern that is a bee hive that I am wanted to try but first I have another punch needle almost done so I think I will finish that one first.