Sunday, July 26, 2009

Who called them the lazy days of summer?

Seriously...I am more busy in the summer than I am in the the winter I work on the house and the summer it seems I work outside and on the rentals.
We are putting a new bathroom and kitchen in one of our properties and it isn't thatn much fun to spend so much money on something you don't get to use. i know that I get to chose everything but sometimes people don't take care of your houses and then it is like starting over.
I should have taking before pictures but anyways I think the bathroom is just smashing so far...not what I would want at my home but wonderful for a rental.
I went with beadboard in the bathroom and between the kitchen cabinets..thought it would be easy to clean. The kitchen cabinets are white (stock from Lowes). Again...I would want something different but they will look so nice there.
I think we are painting the metal roof tomorrow and then...more work on the rental.
I have not decorated or done any stitching...nothing creative at all in 3 weeks...that is so depressing. Since Jackie is gone my dd is a depressed and I am trying to spend some extra time with her...she will head back to college in about 3 weeks and I think that will help.
I have some ideas of a few projects I am going to work on but until then I am just boring!!!LOL...I am going to go dream as I look throught the new country sampler mag. Be blessed.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Well...finally it rained today...all day. it has been a long time since we saw rain drops. Not much going on today...i looked at fall magazines so I could get some ideas. So many of you are making fall decorations that I feel behind.
I have work to do at our rentals next week but for now just resting a bit. i will be over to visit soon. Be blessed.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Sweet Sixteen!!

Dyanna is 16 today...Happy B-day little girl. She is our youngest. She had a party on saturday and the weather was just wonderful. She had a great we are going to the movies...

I won...thanks Char!

I am feeling so lucky. I have won this wonderful has been a difficult week...this was a much needed boost! Thank you are very generous.
Char has an amazing blog..go to the side bar and visit The Pickled Pepper Patch.

Friday, July 17, 2009

A View of the Garden!

Thought you might want to take a peek...remember the fence we put up last year.. it is almost hidden by the flowers!!

Be blessed.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Good bye Jackie...we loved you!

My daughters life long companion passed away today. She was 12.
Our daughter is 21 and doesn't remember a time without her...they were inseperable. Jackie will be missed. Jackie Kennedy Onasis 1997-2009
Until you two meet again....

Saturday, July 11, 2009

A few close-ups....and done

Ok.. here we go with a few close-ups and then this is the end of the
I think you can get an idea of what most of it looks like. For the most part I am happy with the way it turned out...but I never say I am done because I am always changing things.
I am working on a few more cross stitch patterns...hoping to make some progress this weekend...I will post what I have done later....but for some reason I have had fall on my mind...maybe it is all the projects that I see on your blogs...I look forward to some cooler weather. Be Blessed.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Folk art or primitve?

I hope this is not too many pictures for those of you on dial-up...but I wanted you to get an idea of where things were in the room. I still have a few pictures to go that I will save until tomorrow.
I flags near the ceiling were a new investment this year. I just loved them and there were only two left so I thought I just better get them...and I do adore how they look.
I think it is looking somewhat primitive and alot folk art..what do you think?
Also the prints of George and Martha were done by Dianna Swartz..folk artist here locally...I love her stuff. If you follow my blog you have seen her Christmas prints.
Well, I will try to finish the pictures tomorrow and then move on to something else..are you bored yet? Blessings....

Thursday, July 9, 2009

I love George and Martha....

A few more small glimpses into my new decor. I just love George and Martha...I think they may be my favs...but there is much more to see...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Porch make-over

This is what you see when you sep into our back porch. Our porch is an enclosed porch just like all the old houses used to have. When you open the back door from outside this is facing you to the right. I didn't realize how many pictures I had taken so I will have to post more tomorrow so that this doesn't get too boring.
I tryed to take a few close-ups so you could get a better look at some of the items i have on the shelves.
Again, as I said yesterday, ALL of the furniture came from basemart...and at least half of the decorations. Some are mine...and some might look familar. The stitcheries I gave to my sister for her birthday but she returned them yesterday telling me to hang them for you will see them to the left. I will share more pics tomorrow...hope you aren't bored. Be blessed...

Monday, July 6, 2009

Back porch gets make-over...

Well... i spent part of my 4th of July redecorating the back porch. Do you remember that i decorated it a while back. i took out my trunk...I brought in a wooden cabinet then I opened the doors and decorated the inside. Well...I have been so tired of that.LOL So I went shopping at basemart. Do you have a basemart? You know.. a place where your sister keeps all the furniture that she isn't using right now? LOL
Well, I have been wanted to put out some Americana items and I had purchased a few things and of course I had items in my basement...but basemart had this lovely black furniture just waiting for take a peek.
I am almost done...just a little more to do and then I will post again.

Friday, July 3, 2009

I am a finisher!!!!

I have been working on a few cross stitch projects (as you know from the other posts) and I ran across a few that I had done but had not finished. So yesterday I decided to work on being a finisher!!!! As you can see I did each one a little differently. The pumpkins were the most fun...I love the small...I amish girl is a wall hanging with a pocket on back for a hanger. The small pumpkin is a bowl filler and the christmas one has become a pillow for display on my sofa later in the year. Or maybe even a shelf sitter...who knows. I have a few more to finish before I am going to start a new design. I have one that I promised my daughter I would finish so I am putting my mind into that one starting this weekend...if we aren't too busy that is!!! I will visit you later today....I don't always leave you a comment but I do blessed.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Another little house done

This is the last of the Little House designs. I didn't enjoy this one as much but I think I have been so busy that it seemed to take more time that the others but really I'm sure it didn't. I have them here and there throughtout the house and they are just so cute.

This is the collection of Little houses....I just love them.

This is my collection of bowl fillers that I have completed. They are so little and fit not only into bowls but I have been sticking them into little open areas here and there. I think my favorite is the one with the flag...but maybe my fav will be the one with the snow when it is winter..LOL

If you have another little house design that you would like to trade...or a fall/autumn design from lizzie kate...something whimsical...I would be willing to do a sway. If so, let me know at
Be blessed.