Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas Blessings

Here we are, the weekend before Christmas and I am taking a moment for a few thoughts. As most of you know, I adore Christmas. When I start decorating for Christmas my heart flutters. This year I spent many days in the shop, also decorated for Christmas and it was glorious. This weekend we begin celebrating with friends and family, well actually it started Monday night with our first party!
  Today I am thinking about our girls. The three of them have had wonderful years and we are so proud of them. I have heard them saying how excited they are for Christmas...and I am hoping that their gifts will bring a sparkle to their eyes.
  I am thinking of the way my Mom celebrated Christmas, all the decorations and and candy making and with such care she would try to get each person just the right gifts!
  Now it is up to my sister and my brother and myself to do the same. My home is ready, the candy is made and the gifts are bought. Don't get me wrong, I know that Jesus is the reason for it all...he gave His life for others and that is just what I am thinking of...dreaming of...working for....the Love of Christ. Those words that have done a good job, my daughter.
I am nostalgic and dreaming and holding others dear to my heart.
We will be celebrating for the next two weeks and I am happy, I am sad, I am ready but I don't want it to end. Such mixed emotions. My heart is full of Christmas past and present...I am blessed beyond measure.
 My husband, my soul mate, deserves my time and attention. He will receive a present of his dreams as well..but I can't share that just yet. Yes, this is a Christmas that dreams are made of...a Christmas of blessings and family and friends. I am blessed and I thank God for each day. Merry Christmas, dear friends. May His glory shine throughout the season on you and your family!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas In Small Bits

Now that you have seen the white cabinet I thought you would want to see the up close bits and pieces!

A much different look this year!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

My Home Tour....the living room

Dear Friends,
  I wanted to share a few pictures of my living room but I am having a difficult time getting ones that I love. I wanted to start with pictures of the front porch and foyer and they were blurry and now with the rain I will have to wait. So I will share the ones I took today. They are not pictures that are staged..the coffee table and footstool have my magazines on them..this is how we live.
This is the cabinet that I painted a while back and I am loving the way it looks in the living room. At some point it will go to the shop.

I probably should have taken some close ups but I forgot.
It looks so very different in the picutes.
Apicture of my Mother on the piano.
The mantle I did take close ups and will share those tomorrow.
I can't get the entire room in the picture but I will share the other side tomorrow too.
This is just one spot on the other side. Hope you enjoyed my little tour.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

A Porch Make Over for Christmas

We had an exciting and busy weekend. I redesigned the front porch for our Home for the Holidays weekend and I thought you enjoy seeing what I had done. I love the porch and the new look for the rest of the season. We have one more weekend and then we will close for the winter. Once we close we have one week before the family Christmas season begins...relatives and traveling and food! What a busy season it has become.
  I am looking forward to a little free time but I have enjoyed meeting so many new friends and greeting them each month! We have many new ideas for next year but for now I want to live in the season!
  Beginning next week I am going to have my own Christmas Home Tour. Each year the big bloggers invite other big bloggers to join their home tours and I really enjoy looking at all the pictures and decorating ideas. So next week I will begin to share pictures of my decorations for this season. I hope some of you do the same, I enjoy that so much. I will begin with the front porch and just go through the house, each day sharing a different room.I have many new items this year and it will be fun to share that with you. Enjoy your Sunday!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Furniture Needing a New Home

Hello Dear Friends,
  I have been working on getting the shop back into shape from our November sales. I am featuring some of the furniture for the sale this time. I have sold about 6 pieces in November and I would like to sell a few more in December before we close for the winter!
I have most of the displays done so now I can do the finishing touches.
I have a super cute desk with pink handles that someone is going to love...If I had room I might even keep this one! I am guessing it will be gone.
But I am in love with this one. I am hoping to keep if for the shop but I am guessing it will be gone as well. This one is such a beauty. I love the sparkle and white against the wood. I have a few others but I forgot to take pictures but if I do I will share those as well. If you are close by then stop and see us this weekend!
I almost forgot.  I wanted to share a picture I took this weekend...isn't this the most beautiful ceiling and chandy....LOVE.