Saturday, June 28, 2008

Well, the end of the season is here at last!

Oh, aren't these such nice trophys for the girls? This is their league trophy and the tourney trophy. I'm glad they changed colors this year...we have quite a few that are blue.

Dh, who coaches the team, with our two daughters, Delaney and Dyanna. He was a proud coach but a super proud Dad!!!!

This is the wonderful plaque that the team will present to their sponser, First Citizens National Bank. It will hang their proudly this year in remmberance of all the hard work the girls put into the season. It is so fun to see it as we do our banking each month.

This is our team minus the pitcher who left before the ceremony. They are pretty sweet girls and all will be eligible to return but one who graduated this year. We had a beautiful day for a softball game. It was warm and breezy with blue skys. Our team came out blazing and beat the other team 14-3. They were so excited! We took a short break and right back to the field because todays game were the chanpionship and it was double elimination so we started out at 3-0 then 6-3 but we had a very bad inning with too many errors and they went around us 11-6 we came out batting but it ended with 2 runners on base and the final score 10-11. We did our best to make a comeback but sometimes it just doesn't happen but they weren't too disappointed and the trophies are really beautiful. So we ended the year as league champs and 2nd in the tourneys. We are so proud of them

Friday, June 27, 2008

A Pleasant Surprise

A few days ago a storm was brewing in the west so I decided to take down my ferns that hang on my front porch until it passed over. When I took one down I found a pleasant surprise. A wonderful nest of robin eggs. They are so large and blue, just a beautiful site. It really was a wonderful surprise.
So tonight we are to play 2 games at the softball field and the championship is tomorrow morning. It has been a long weeks since it seems to rain almost every night and a least part of these games were to be played earlier in the week. We played on last night and won 14-3. We were suppose to play a second game with a different team but due to rain we play it tonight. I sure hope the girls bring their best game and take this to the championship torrow. This is the third year that we are league champs and hopefully the 3rd year for tourney champs too. LOL I know that sounds greedy but we have paid years of dues building this team so we had seasons of losses a few years is our time to shine.
I am going to try a new recipe this weekend. If it turns out ok I will post a pic and the has plenty of apples so if you like apples stop back and see what happens. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Just a lazy summer day

Well we finally have almost all of the building cleaned up. We will have to have someone come in and dig out the old foundation and then we will be done with this long process. If you remember this building collapsed during a snowstorm in February. Since then we have been working to try to clean it out and recycle what we cold and then get rid of the rest. It has been very hard work and I am truly happy that this part is done.
Our new buildings will be coming in July so we are just finishing in time. I am excited about building but I know that once they are up that is when the real work begins. We will have all the electric and plumbing. The driveway to dig and the concrete to pour...then we can start to fill the buildings. Wow, I am tired just thinking about it. LOL
Today I have not been working as hard as normal. I mainly just worked around the house getting things organized and giving my body a much needed rest. I did start to decorate my front porch but I really didn't hae much imagination for some reason.I went with a 4th of July theme for now but it has been so windy that I didn't put out some of my glass stuff for fear it would be broken.
We are off to the ball field for yet another tourney game. We actually lost last night but it is double elimination so we are still alive. The girls were just not into the game but it was tied right up to the end...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

A restful Sunday!

This is a picture of our woods. In the distance you can see small white tree. We decided to go and investigate what it was so we walked a little closer to see. It actually was much larger than we first thought. When we stood beside in front if was more like 8-10 feet tall. So it is more of a tree than a shrub with a very unusual smell. We actually still do not know what it is but we are keeping it for now.
At some point we would like to put a small cabin with a pond but that is more like in our retirement years.
I missed church today, I am having a headache for some reason...the kind that usually means a weather storms or something. I hope I am wrong I really wanted to be outside later today just to enjoy summer and not work on the next thing.It is only suppose to be about 78 degrees today so I think that is just about perfect.
We are getting closer to getting our old building cleaned up. The men who are taking the tin think that in one more day they will be finished. It really is getting difficult to mow and try to keep things looking nice with all the mess everywhere but I am trying to be positive because in the end it will be better.
I am going to rest most of the day, I have just been so tired lately...and the kids start life saving lessons tomorrow and of course it is tournament week too so there really will not be any rest at today I rest Enjoy your Sunday and may the Lord bless and keep you.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Mom's flowers

It has been another busy week but the shed is finally almost finished...I will post a pick of that later. I am tired and I am ready to have this project completed so we can start another. I did go today and choose a new pair of glasses and sun glasses I can't wait for them to come in. Here are the pics of my Mom's garden so see what you think.

Once I had a smoke tree similar to Mom's but our dog chewed it off at the trunk.
It really is beautiful against the garage wall.

This is a picture of my Mom's mailbox with her ever-growing buttercups. I don't have any of these so I will have to get a start soon.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Out with the old...

A few days ago we started to tear down the old building that partially collapsed during one of our winter storms. The building was very large and filled with many treasures that my dh would bring home from his auctions. After many days of cleaning we finally we able to pull the building down....yea. The last two days we have a man working to take off the tin before we set the entire thing on fire. I will be so happy when that building is gone and the mess cleaned up.
Now for the new, this is one of the building sites being prepared for the new building. My dad is putting the stone in and leveling everything so we will be ready when the builders come.
While this is happening I am going to spend yet another day at our rental property...the same one...I have decided to paint the three living rooms. The new carpeting looks so nice that it made the walls look sad so I have one coat of paint on one I am hoping to finish that room and put the beginning coat on both of the other two rooms. I won't be able to finish it today because we have a game at 5 so that cuts into our painting time. Today my Mom is going to trim for me and Delaney is going to help roll. It should make the work go fast!
So far our team is tied for the league champs and this is the last week of regular play so wish us luck!
We went to my parents house for Father's day and I took a couple picks of Mom's garden. I will try to post those tomorrow. Until then be blessed.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A few more thoughts

This is a picture of the back side of our fence...when you come our the back door and walk over to our frog pond. I would take a picture of our bull frogs but they are too fast for me!!!

I thought I would share a few more pics of our garden area...My Mother has done a wonderful job weeding them...LOL. Thanks Mom. We have been working so hard on getting the area ready for our new buildings...and of course still working on the rentals... but the last few days we have been cleaning out the old shed so we can get it down and cleaned up before the new one arrives. It has been so hot and windy...not a good combination for someone with breathing issues. Tomorrow we are going to cut down a large tree that has grown too close to the house. I love trees but sometimes they just have to go. Today we dismantled one of my garden areas because that is where my building will be setting.
Tomorrow the girls have another softball game. So far we are tied for first place. The last two years we have won the league and the championships so the girls are working so hard to hang on to that...we will see.
I was going to share one than one picture but my computer is not working very well so maybe more tomorrow.

Monday, June 9, 2008

The new fence is here!!!

A glimpse of the garden with the outdoor room in the background.

This is the fence that was crushed by the falling limbs when we trimmed the trees...then you can get a look at the new and improved fence. Quite a change!!

Well, today was a very busy day. I was up and working early this morning because there is just so much to do that I knew we could not get everything done.
My parents came over to help put up my new fence. Dad did all the cutting and drilling, I guess I was just the helper. Mom spent the entire time pulling weeds in my flower beds. I have not done that a single time since we started working on the rental properity...believe me they needed some work.
I thought you might enjoy seeing a before and after pic of the fence and I will include a few snaps of my ever-growning flower garden. I will try to take pic that you can recognize from other seasons.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Delaney...Sweet Sixteen

This is the birthday girl with her bf....he is a sweet guy and they get along very well...both of them are two teens that try to follow the Lord. I am very blessed.

This is the birthday girl and her dh...both sporting blue stripes in their hair...what a fun memory together.

This is a picture of our three girls...Dayna is 20 Delaney turned 16 and Dyanna (in the middle) will be 15 next month....they are so cute.

Our middle daughter turned 16 this past week and I wanted to share a few pictures. She is such a sweetie and she invited a few friends over for dinner and then they went to the local put-putt course for a little teen fun. We have been so busy with our rental properties that I wasn't sure what we were going to do for a bday party for her but I think things worked themselves out.
Tomorrow we are suppose to be putting up the long awaited fence...that is if it doesn't rain. I'll let you know happens. Until then....sweet dreams my 16 year old beauty.