Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Giveaway Winner

   Yes, I have  a winner for my Lizzie Kate Pattern! It is Linda from Somewhere in Time!!! Linda if you would send your address to dilessig@gmail.com I will put your pattern in the mail!!
    I have many things to post about...I made a trip to Michigan to a wonderful Prim shop...lots of pictures to share and I have been working on some pumpkins and I will be sharing some pictures of those too. I do have a little bit of stitching to share....oh....I will be back to share all the stuff going on here!!! Blessings and Congrats to Linda!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Lizzie Kate Giveaway....

I just finished these two little autumn Lizzie Kates. They are so cute and I am happy with them. I am going to turn them into bowl fillers (at least that is the plan). As you can see, I did change the patterns to fit  my needs. I rearranged and changed a few colors and..well. I am happy with them.
 I did think that I wondered if anyone else would love to stitch these little designs??? So if you want to leave a message I will draw a name and give it away.  I think you have plenty of time to stitch the patterns before the end of the season. You don't have to be a follower (but would love it if you wanted to join!!!!)
 Leave a message with either a blog address or an email so I can get a hold of you if you win.
 I will draw a name on Monday!! Good luck.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Another glimpse of the bedroom..and autumn dreams....

  Seems like I have once again been busy getting the girls ready for the beginning of their college classes. The oldest has already started classes as of yesterday and the middle daughter is starting in September. Our youngest will be a senior in High school this year and we do not start until after Labor Day. But somehow this has taken up a lot of my my time.
 I do have a few pictures to share. I wanted to share the progress on my daughters rooms since I never did get to show you what we were up to. Although we are finished with all the hard stuff we seem to be decorating it slowly. This picture does make the room look small but actually it is a nice size room...it must be the angle I was standing as I took the picture. My dd seems to be in a slow mode so I am letting the rest up to her...whew..that was easy.
 This is a sign of fall just out front of our home this morning. I was walking and I thought what a beautiful fall day...(we are having a taste of fall the last few days)...and the sky was so beautiful that I walked back and got my camera. The bottom of the stalks are turning brown and it won't be long before the rest follows.
 I went straight to the shed and hung out the first fall decoration!!! Yep...a fall wreath is hanging on our party room door....aaahhhh...feels good.
 The flowers beside the door are still screaming summer...lol..and that's ok but I just couldn't resist putting the wreath out just because I wanted to.
Do you remember this tree. This tree stands proud in our front yard and every year I watch if for fall color. Asy ou can see, as of today it is still a lovely green and is great for shade..but let me show you a picture of this tree last fall.
 Isn't she a beauty? I will keep an eye on her for you and let you know when she is showing her color this year. I know it will be a while but I am looking forward to it.
 I have been working on a few fall cross stitch pieces and I will post them tomorrow! thanks for stopping by...be blessed.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Add another school year begins...

 Yesterday was back to school for the kids in our community. It is so early and so sad.  As I drove through town later in the day it was so disturbing. As I passed the local swimming pool it stood quietly waiting patiently waiting for the return of little swimmers. The sidewalks no longer held children on their bikes or Moms with their baby strollers....no there was nothing.
We live in a small community and when the children go to school it effects the entire town. There were cars at the bank and a few passing the post office but really it was sad. I adore seeing little ones walking and playing all summer long. The park is always full of teens on the basketball courts and playing tennis. The swings are usually full of families enjoying the shade with the little grills heating up...lunching and playing. Our park is always full of people. But when school starts everything changes. Not just the leaves on the trees but all the hustle and bustle of summer fades away and the park and sidewalks become a waste land. What once held laughing children now is barren.  Don't get me wrong....I love fall and I know that the children need to learn....I just am sad that another school year is starting and all the carefree days of summer are over...sigh..a sad beginning to fall.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Utterly Ramblings.....

Sorry, No pictures today. Seems like I have been so busy. We have mainly finished my dd room but I have not taken pictures so I will try to do that tomorrow. I think it is kinda cute. We have also finished working on the rental where we stripped the floors and resurfaced the tub...and replaced the vanity..whew...glad it is done and rented. We also had another renter move out and although we do not allow pets, she must have had cats...there were lots of fleas. I just dont like dealing with messes from our renters pets. How do they live like that? Thankfully,  all is well now and it is rented also.
  I spend a few days working on my flower garden. Most of the flowers are almost done blooming. I think the heat just destroyed them this year. So I will work on my gardens as I find a few cool days..but so far they are calling for near 100 degrees all week.
  Two of our children will be in college this year so we are getting things ready...books, clothes, schedules, and all such stuff....
   I have been doing a little stitching too but not as much as I had hoped. By evening I am just too tired...maybe I am getting old..LOL but either way  will share what I have done so far.
  So I am hoping you are having a wonderful Sunday afternoon...until next time, be blessed.