Thursday, February 26, 2015

More Furniture and Spring

Another cold week is almost behind us but I am continuing to enjoy spring. I am working of a few new displays for the shop but the mantle in my home is half I have not been inspired to complete it. I usually take a few things from the shop but for now I am waiting until something strikes me.
I am really enjoying the watering cans. They are just so much fun.
And here is a new piece I picked up...any ideas for a finish????
And the tea chart is just a treasure. I can not wait until the weather breaks because I have a great idea for this beauty. My guess is it will sell first thing at the Mother's Day sale.
No Minimalist Here is where I have linked up this week...take a look.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Spring Is Calling My Name

Dear Friends, I have been dreaming of Spring! Maybe because so many of my orders are coming in and I am spending my days working on VB or maybe it is just cold but either way I  have been placing a little Spring in my home! I have gone with a kind of muted color in my cabinet. I love the way it turned out!
With a touch of green it begins to feel like spring. The two little eggs were my Great Aunt Ruth's. My Mom loved them and gave them to me a while back. I am so happy to have them!
I also received this metal rack in my order and I just had to bring it into my kitchen. I love,love,love it! I think it will be a big seller! So may uses I can think of!
An for some reason I have become addicted to veggie soup...I adore a big warm bowl of soup for lunch and
But I have been eating a few salads as well. This one was really good...I am dreaming of Spring.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

What a Beauty!

 I am so in love with this piece I just finished!  I had painted it a while back but just could not decide what I wanted to do with it so I didn't do anything. I have been using it as a display piece. I took the doors off of the front and placed them behind the cabinet so they would not get damaged. When I found this material I knew it was the right choice. The cabinet now looks elegant. I am thinking about adding some silver leaf to the details of the handles....still thinking about it for now. I did find some new pieces to paint so I am delighted the way things are coming together for our Spring sale!
   I am also going to try out some milk paint on the next pieces so we will see how that works out as well. Have a great Sunday!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Furniture Finishes!

Well, the dresser is officially drying as we speak. The poly is one and the stain in complete. Next week we will add the rest of the handles and I can call it quits on this dresser. It will be a beauty once the displays are done.
This week I have been on steroids so I have been jittery and sweaty but full of energy so I used it to my advantage and painted 3 days. I have completed 7 pieces of furniture  this week. Some of them are totally done and a few need the finishing touches. I will continue to share as they are completed.
This one is by far one of my favorites and will become a part of Vyntage Barn for now. I will hold so much merchandise  and will look great once I have a chance to push it into place.  I did use chalk paint on this piece so the finish is a flat and will have to be sealed.
I added some detail to this piece and then stain. It is not a very good picture since it is not that dark but you can kinda see what it is becoming. The items inside are just in there for storage not for display just yet.
And since it is Valentines day I thought I would share my beautiful flowers. We are headed out for an overnight date and diner and music so it will be a fun evening.
We will have to fight the weather to get there though. Another cold blast here. minus 25 below zero for the wind chill factor but hubby says, no problem! Oh my.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Dresser Problems....

Dear Friends, I have been working very long hours trying to replace the 14 pieces of furniture that I sold in November and December. My Hubby brought this piece home to me one day and said it had been sitting in a barn for 10 years...YIKES....
I wanted to start right in but it was in such bad shape I knew it would have to be stripped in some places such as the top in order for it now to show through the paint. I got out my Natural stripper and put a thick coat on top...then I moved on to another piece!
It was pretty much a mess...
But what a beauty it was when I was finished. This has caused such a problem. When I get a piece of furniture I usually have a color in mind from the beginning!
From the very beginning I knew this piece was going to be pink with a white trim...I was dreaming of opening the doors in May and having this piece be a show stopper....Oh Mother's Day...what a hit that would have been. But that was not in the cards. How could I even think about painting the top of this piece????? No way!
So I tried my best to get the pink onto the drawers. First I tired painting pink around the trim on the drawer fronts. It looked so terrible. Then I painted the entire front of the drawers a light chalk paint...terrible. I tried adding a glaze but again...terrible. So I started over and went with a soft white and a stain on the top and the drawers as well. It is now drying and then I will decide if it need another coat of stain before I get out the poly.....WOW this has been a tough one to only turn out to be white...:(.  I will get better pictures when it is completely done.
  On a side note while this one was drying each time I continued to work on other pieces so I actually finished  a different piece, the drawers on a new piece and a dresser with a towel bar is 3/4 of the way done so I didn't waste all that drying time. Today I chose the handles for this piece and will share those as well. So I am making a little progress...but for now...I am tired!
   The Dedicated House

Monday, February 2, 2015

I Choose JOY

    This morning I started my morning chores, just a normal Monday. The house was quiet, the dogs were sleeping, the laundry was humming and I was putting the clean clothes away. A normal mundane Monday....but out of least nothing that I am aware of...grief gripped my heart.. That kind of grief where your heart constricts and you are in becomes so strong and overwhelming that it stops you in your tracks....all you can do is walk by faith.
   The only way I can make it through an episode that overtakes me is to BELIEVE there is a time when we will be together....I BELIEVE..what I can not see.
    At this point I have to use my brain and not my heart, I have to talk myself into my faith. I have to remember the verses...remember the promises and CHOOSE JOY. I am happy and joyful instantly..NO. but as the wave of grief passes, as I put a joyful blend of oils into the air, I  am choosing joy...choosing joy...choosing joy.
   My wave of grief passes, but the sorrow of the loss remains. So today, I am choosing joy, I am choosing to do those mundane chores that make our life more comfortable...I choose joy because I have a family that counts on me. I move forward because my FAITH says I will be ok..we will be together...that in the end JOY  wins the race.I must stay the course, finish the race and dream of Heaven. Grief may grip my heart for a while but I am beginning to move past what is and look forward to what is to come....Today, I choose JOY....Thank you LORD for all you have done and continue to do for me....I will step forward into your grace and love when I can't find my path because I know that I can stand on your promises! I feel blessed even now.