Friday, August 30, 2013

Crafting the Day Away!

Dear Friends, I thought I would share with you a few of the projects I have been completing. No, I am not by-passing fall. But with the Vyntage Barn Holiday Sale coming closer every day I have to finish a few of my winter projects.
  I found these little pails while I was on the 600 garage sale. I was not wild about the hearts but I thought I could probably do something with them! They were the right color and the right size so when I took them out the of the bag yesterday I knew that I could use some of the sweaters left over from the sweater pumpkins to hide that heart.
  This is what I started with (and in the background you can see the bottome of one of them with the sweater and some roses!
This is what I came up with on the first one. A sweater on the bottom and burlap on the top. Again, in the back ground you can see another one!

Today, I decided to finish it off the a nest and a bird with two tags in the back. It turned out so cute.
I think this one is my favorite but then I love bottle brush trees. There is glitter on the branches but I know you can not see that in the picture.

 This one is gold and a little more elegant with gold bulbs tucked in as well.
 And for those of you who just want to have fun. We have snowballs. This one has a silver trim and a chalk board..can't find my chalk but I will write something on it when I do!
 Then once I was started I thought I would finish this little deer. I found him quite a while back but didn't know what I was going to do with it. I was thinking a snow globe but when I found this silver little platter I thought it was perfect for a little winter scene. I love deer!
    Again, Vyntage Barn Holiday Sale is October 18 and 19.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Make-over in Progress!

This is what I am working on today!! I love this color, don't you?
Hope it is dry tomorrow because I have two more to go!!

What a Beauty!!!

We are getting a small thunder storm currently that woke me out of my sleep so thought I would get an early start today.
  My dd is taking cake decorating classes and I just wanted to brag about her beautiful cake. I am so pleased for her. I think it is just beautiful!!!
And I just had to show you a piece of material that I picked up at Hobby Lobby. When I saw it I knew that I had to buy it. They only had one yard left so I must not have been the only one who fell in love with it. I sure hope that one yard will finish my project. I had some inspiration on Sunday. I was sharing some of my ideas with one of my cousins and an inspiration was born and this material is part of it!
  Yesterdays post was the beginning of my sign for my business I still have the other side to finish and then maybe something to dress it up a bit!
   Well, have a few projects that are calling my name~

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Vyntage Barn Sign!

One sign has officially been made. I was not sure about what color. I thought black would show up but I sure did not want black. But when I thought about it the obvious choice is pink, my Mom's favorite color. I am happy with it so far. It was still wet so no more additions to it today but I do have a few ideas!
The stencils worked well until you tried to take the painters tape off. Who knew you could not use painters tape on a stencil!!

But at the end of the day, I am smiling so all is well. Tomorrow, more painting???

Christmas tree make-over needs more work!

Yesterday I put up this picture of a tree that I had painted. While it was wet I thought it was just what I wanted  but as it dried I thought there was still too much green. I will sit it back outside and repaint it. It has been rainy and humid today so I will not be able to do that today but when I do I will be sure to take more pictures!
  Today I will spend the day crafting. My dd is going to come over and we will put a few things together and the bonus will be sweet memories!
  I have so many pojects to work on so I am off to get started! Wish me luck!
  Oh yes, please so a prayer, I have a business opportunity and I am not sure which way to go..I need God to lead!

Monday, August 26, 2013

The Return of the White Suitcase!!!! And a Make-Over!

 Well, I went out to the barn this morning and wanted to check out the white suitcase. I was thinking I might have to spray it with poly if it was still sticky. It had dried but the handle was a little sticky but I decided to move on with the display while it dries! This small table would be perfect for an entry way. I think it looks like Hollywood glam with it's silver handles. It is a little short so the suitcase gives it some a burst of surprise.
  I did not have three candles that were the same for the pictures so I found a star that I thought was so sweet and added it to hold the place of the candle. I love the way this dark gray stands out against the white! It is darling.
  Then when I went to work on a different display I noticed I didn't have any trees for the ornaments so I went to the basement to see which tree could stand an update and well, this one is kinda sorry.
 I brushed on a light coat of paint and it was not what I was looking for..besides the fact that the bristles sprayed paint on me as I brushed. Wear old clothes for this job!
 But with another coat of paint the tree was much better. Now it is drying in the hot sun. Too hot for me!!!
Vyntage Barn Sale Oct. 18 and 19th  9-5

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Green Suitcase Gets New Life

A few days ago I told you about a suitcase that I had picked up. I loved the green color but I didn't like the scratches that I could not wash off. I broke open the primer and gave it a light coat. It took quite a while for it to dry, I thought it might have been from the humidity but honestly I think it could just be the vinyl itself! Anyways once it was dry I stired a few sparkles into my paint can and painted the outside with two coats of white. I know you can not see it in the picture but there are light little sparkles all over the suitcase, just what I was wanting. It is still tacky to touch so I can't do much with it yet but soon!!!!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Remembering...and a Business is Born!

 Today was two years since I lost my Mom, two years since she entered the gates of Heaven. It has been the most heartbreaking time. I spent most of my days with my Mom, she has influenced every aspect of my life. She was gentle and kind was full of artistry. As a painter, she shared her view of the world, as a Mother she shared her love and all her belongings.
 She taught me to be who I am and I honor her by never forgetting the life lessons she taught me. She mothered me even as an adult. Without her I have been wondering through me days wondering what I was suppose to do next. I had told my Mom that I wanted to own a store and we had talked about what that would be like and what I would carry in my store. I knew she would be right beside me the whole way. My parents put a barn up on my property a few years ago. If you have been following my blog then you will remember the picture during the summer of 2008. In that barn is where I thought my business would begin..we spoke of it often. So, two years after she went to Heaven, I will be opening a business. The Vyntage Barn will open in October and I know my Mom would have loved what I have been working on, she always loved what I was working on, she was my Mom.
  I have added a y to vintage because my Mom's middle name was Yvonne and my children all have a y in their name for her! So Vyntage Barn is my dream and my Mom's wish for me. I miss her more than words can express, more than my heart can handle. 
  I know that she would want me to keep going and so each day that is what I do, I keep chasing my dream, I keep praying that my suffering will ease, I keep remembering that we will be together again some day. I hold on to that promise as I work on my dream. My Mom taught me to be the woman I am and I will remember those lessons, I will remember the love she shared and I will allow myself to follow her lead, I will be with you again, Mom, at the feet of Jesus.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Hutch Finished and More

Today I finally finished painting all the furniture...done..finally! While I was waiting for my dh to get home to help move the furniture I decided to break open the spray paint and work on another project. Here is a suitcase that I found at a garage sale. I kinda liked the green but I didn't like it all scuffed up so I broke open some primer and gave it a bath in white.
I set it out in the sun to dry but honestly it was so humid that it took a long time for it to dry. I will show you what it looks like tomorrow!
I also thought I would show you how I dry some of the things I paint...I use bushes..
and my favorite chairs...
Or on a spare table!
And, as promised I wanted to share the hutch I shared yesterday. I still have a few touch-ups and I have to purchase some new knobs but here she her glory!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hutch In Progress with Chalk Paint

Today I started painting another piece of furniture I thought I was done with painting furniture and had planned on finishing with a few touch-ups today. But as you can see, I am once again painting my last piece of furniture. I have decided to leave the back of the hutch the original wood and just paint the shelves and the outside shell. I forgot to take a before but I did remember before I had it all painted. This is the top of the hutch. I did paint the first coat with home made chalk paint but to tell you the truth, I do not like all the sanding so  after I sanded it down I started the second coat with regular satin latex. I think I will be happier with it. I am hoping to finish it tomorrow and then I will show another picture.
And this is the bottom even though I had removed the drawers but at least you get the idea of what I am working on.
  I had finished a china cabinet a few days ago but of course I stepped on one of the shelves and shattered the shelf. So dh went today and had new glass cut. After he installed the new glass we placed the top on the bottom and now of course I can not find the screws so tomorrow I go back to the hardware and see if I can get some that fit! But for least I am started!!!!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Rosette Pumpkin

I spend the weekend dog sitting this little cutie. He was such a good boy. He loves to snuggle and he is just adorable!
Today I decided to work  on a craft. I primed an orange pumpkin that is one you can pick up at a big box store.
Then I used ModPode to form little rosettes out of yarn.I make different sizes and sometimes I over lap the rosettes so they are layered! This is an easy craft but it does take a good amount of time. I did not get mine finished today but I will share a picture when it is done.
 I actually spent a good part of the day working on times for our sale, which is october 18 and 19. More on that to come!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Furniture, Furniture, Furniture

Working like crazy to finish the furniture and my target to finish is tomorrow. I have been working long days in order to finish this week. I have been working with chalk paint this week and so far I do like it. I did have to get use to the distressing. I seems to distress pretty easily so I need to use only a little pressure.
  I have many handles to replace so I have to measure and then figure out what I really want each to look like. You know that I love the sparkle so I will visit a few places Friday and see what I can find.
Even though it must look like a mess to you, to me it looks like progress. Just a month ago I did not think I would have enough furniture to fill the shed, now I am finally getting full.   I have so many ideas that I want to try to put into place before the sale and so many neat objects for the sale.I will share some of my vintage creations once I get them out the storage bins and into the shop.
 There is much to do but count it all as joy~

Friday, August 9, 2013

Make-Over is Complete...After Your Long Wait!

Ladies, the wait is over. Today I get to share my make-over!! It is a beautiful day in Ohio and I drug this piece of furniture outside so it would dry better. The last post showed you the before pictures and the priming and painting and the staining were all just  starting!
I did not want this piece to resemble a vegetable bin and I hope you think that it has a new face lift! I used scrapbook paper for the front of the small doors. I used Mod Podge to attach it to the wood fronts. The top door I used sticky back canvas from Studio. I loved how easy it was to work with. I could not decide if I wanted to stamp something one it but then I fell in love with this flower and I knew that it was the answer!

 I put burlap on the inside of the door and the back. I thought it might be fun to display it with the door open but as you can see the Mod Podge is still wet so I will have to wait for that to happen.
 I changed out the handles with these cute little distressed flowers.

 And I had a piece of wood trim that I placed on the top for just a touch of something new.
 I know some of you have been waiting, so what do you think??? I hope you are pleasantly surprised with the make-over. I am more than happy with it! The copper panel fronts are now in the trash and this new look is so much better!
  Hope it was worth the wait!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Never-Ending Make-over.

I felt so bad about leaving you without the results yesterday so I started working on the finish today. I had primed it yesterday and taken out the front panels. Once it dried I decided to give it a couple of coats of paint.
After the second coat of paint it was getting very muggy and there was rolling thunder in the background. Things started to get sticky and the drying time took forever.
I did get a coat of glaze on but that was it for today. It was just too sticky to finish...but the best is yet to come! I am so sorry that there is not a finish again today but it was just impossible! I do have it distressed and I am happy with it so far but the details will be it's beauty!!!
I did get the primer on another piece that was waiting in the garage.
I think I have decided on dark gray with white drawers for this one!
And just to make things all better...a beauty!