Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Moonlit Garden...started

Moonlit Garden by Blackbird Designs is the newest cross stitch I have started. I have not touched it today but I am hoping to get to work on it tonight. I did change the color of the shutters...I have a bad habit of changing the pattern to make it my own. Anyways, I looked for a long time for this pattern until I discovered that it is discontinued...i was so
Anyways due to finding it on Ebay I am now stitching it.
I spent the morning working on touch paint at the rental. I think I am done now until the final clean-up. It should not be much longer. Dh was working on water lines today and then the woodwork. I will be happy to see carpet..then I will know we are done.
It has been rather chilly there the last few days and I must say I am ready for some heat...maybe this weekend? I have been wearing a hoodie in the house and my toes have been cold. I do have a new fireplace insert to go in but dh has been so busy with the rental that we have to wait for him to be done...oh do hurry honey.
Tomorrow will be a long day. I am taking my mother to get her teeth pulled and get some new false teeth. It is a 1 1/2 drive and a 1 1/2 appointment and 1 1/2 drive home. But I am taking my stitching and a few magazines to keep me busy. Two of the girls (the ones in the pictures) have colds so they are alittle blue but otherwise all is well. We seem to be busy..and that is good. Be Blessed.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Noah's Webster 2 done...

This is the project I just completed. I think I am making it into a pillow of the bedroom that I just finished a few weeks back. This pattern is by Prairie Moon and is called Noah's Webster 2. If anyone is interested in the pattern I am done with it and am willing to sell it for $4 and $1 shipping.
I have started another pattern by Blackbird designs and I will show a picture of it tomorrow.
We have all been busy and we are trying to get our rental property finished..remember we are putting a new kitchen and bathroom in..well.almost done. i many have to touch up some paint tomorrow and then we are ready for the carpet. It has been a long process...happy to be done.
The weather has gotten cool and windy so I have not gotten the porch decorated just yet but maybe on Friday...yes..I am aiming for Friday.
Hope all is well with blessed.

Monday, September 28, 2009


Thought I would share a few pics of the girls in their dresses. As you can see, Delaney didn't take the tags off of her dress until her date arrived...she thought he might be a no But all went well and everyone had a good night dancing and laughing.
Our girls are home schooled but they get to go to homecoming when invited by a they were both delighted to get to go and get a taste of a school dance..what I noticed were the police stationed at each door..??? Now..we are talking a very small school with less that 400 in the 9-12 grades. Just a little hometown school...I guess safety is good but it does make you rethink where your kids are.
I did get to work on my Noah's cross stitch...i will post a pic tomorrow. Be blessed.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fall journey through my home

I wanted to share a few more pictures of my fall areas. Most of the things you see I have made...just a little journey through my home. My front porch is not done yet so I will share it another day.

My pumpkin man ended up on my back porch door...sorry for the hand print..I didn't see it until I uploaded the picture. He is cute but mostly he is glued. I am not sure I would make him again.

This pumpkin was painted by my mom a few years ago...I think it is so fun.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Fall decorating has started here

Here is the project that I started last week to go in the bedroom that I pictured a few posts back...pretty simple since most of it is done in black. i need to get it finished since I have a pattern that I want to start but I am waiting until this one is done.
I thought i would share a few snaps of my mantle. I don't decorate for Halloween but I love Thanksgiving so I started to put my decorations out and then I can start to plan the menu since Thanksgiving is always at our house. Hope you enjoy the pictures...I"ll share more later. Be blessed.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The adventure begins...

This has been a rough week..dh lost his job after 27 was a terrible shock.
We have no insurance now so we are checking into what we can do about that for now. But as you know the Bible says..count it all joy so that is just what I am doing. The adventure begins now to see what the next thing is. When our children we small and something..well..not so good would if the car broke down or we locked the keys in the car, we would say that we were having an adventure so they wouldn't be scared. Well, scared or not..we are having an adventure.
To try to stay focused..I started a sampler for the bedroom that we just finished. It is very simple and doesn't take a lot of concentrating so I find a little relief in that.
I have started to put put out my fall decorations and I will share some pictures with you soon.
Well, I wanted to share a picture of the sample but blogger doesn't want to work with I will share it later. Be blessed

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

First day of school and bedroom makeover

This is Delaney's first day of school. I mean her real first day..she has always been home schooled until now. she is starting a few college classes so I don't have a kindergarten first day..but I do have a first day of school for college. You go girl. (she thought i was being silly)
This is the bedroom that I have been working on. It is super small but just right for a guest to be nice and cozy. I went with a noah's ark theme. The pictures have blue frames which I will be painting black very soon. But for today I just wanted to move on to the next thing so I have decided to show you what it looks like anyways. This is the way it looks as you walk in...and then some of the rest of the room. Enjoy.

Monday, September 14, 2009

A little peek of the bedroom...

First things first...Lily is have such a lazy time of it...she is so funny. She is adjusting to all the attention..we so love her

I do not have a single thing hung on the walls as of yet so that will be a post for another day...but you will be able to get a feel for the folk art style I am going for. When you walk it is seem so peaceful and calm. that is just the way I wanted it to be. We did strip the woodwork and that is why i was showing you the picture of the closet doors...they are really beautiful.
I won't be working on it tomorrow because I have to take my mom to the dentist so we will see what happens on Wednesday. Until next time, be blessed.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Long trip but Lily is home!!!

After 10 hours in the car Lily is now home! Our girls are so happy and excited about a new puppy. She did just fine on the ride home she slept all the way. Once home she was excited to eat and drink and now she is out shopping for a new collar and some toys.
It has been a long two months since Jackie died and we have missed her so much. Lily will not replace Jackie but she will fill a void that we have because she is gone. So the days of house training start today and hopefully they will go quickly. She only weighs about 3 lbs and is 8 wks old. She is so small, we are hoping she gets to be about 10 lbs. That would be a good size for us.
We traveled about 5 hours each direction to get her. Now I know that sounds like a long way but I was not able to find anyone who had a rat terrier with the markings that I liked around our area. They may have had some at Christmas but I don't care to dog train in the winter...not at 3 lbs.
We are home safe and sound and for less heartache. This may very well be the last dog we train since the girls are all teens now and will soon all be off to college so I am going to try to go with the flow..and if you know me..that is not in my nature. lol
I have most of the decorating in our spare room done so I will post some pictures tomorrow because once again I am too tired to go and take the pictures right now so I am going to get my cross stitching and relax the evening least that is what I have planned. Be blessed.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Giveaway has arrived...more painting..

My giveaway prize arrived today and I can tell you Char has done a wonderful job. Not only is it sturdy but this is painted and sanded just perfect. Thanks so much, Char.
Since I was painting today I didn"t have time to decorate it but when I do I will shoot out another picture.

My daughter told me today that the color I painted the bedroom was the worst color she had ever seen.LOl Now is that dramatic or what? It is called sueded leather from Lowes. Now I will admit..I hadn't decided myself but I know that it matches the decorations I have in mind so I am holding out. This is our small bedroom that is our spare so I decided to go with a more folk art feel to it...we will see how that goes. I will post pictures of it tomorrow...just too tired to go up and get the camera and take them.
Yesterday we stripped the varnish off the woodwork and that wasn't that much fun either but I know it is all worth it when I get it done. I am going to be doing some other makeovers throughout the fall and you will have to keep watching for those too. I know I am going to be doing some work on the kitchen and then the living room later after the holidays..

Two of our daughters are going on the Revolve Tour this weekend and that is all they have been talking about all week. They always come back so happy and filled with such spirit...the church takes a couple loads of girls for the night...and they always have a great time.
We are traveling to Kentucky this weekend to pick up our little pup. We are all so looking forward to her coming home with us. It will be a long drive but worth it. We are hoping that it helps our oldest daughter with the case of the blues that she has had since her life long pet passed away in July. I am hoping for smiles on the way home.
Well, until next time, be blessed.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The beginnings of fall decorating..started

The color on this picture is not true. The wall is a moss green...
I found this shelf at basemart and knew I wanted to put it up for the next few seasons. I think it was a good choice, at least I am happy with it. Everything on the shelf are items that I already had form last year. I am debating about adding in all my harvest items...just dont know for sure yet.

This cross stitch I finished many years ago..maybe 5, but I just got it framed recently...I do like how it turned out and is small enough to put almost anywhere.

You may remember this one from last year. i made it right at the end of the fall season...I still like it.

This is just the beginning of the fall decorating but I wanted to share since it had been a while now. We spent almost all day painting at the rental property yesterday...I do hate to paint but it does look wonderful. We are putting in a new kitchen and bath and it is really starting to look nice...sorry I forgot my camera but on my next trip up I will snap some for you to see.
I did go and get some hightlights and a new cut on Friday and I do like it but I just cant seem to get a picture that shows what it really looks like so I guess I will have to keep working on that.
Tomorrow we are painting (yes again) our small bedroom. Do you remember that I painted it for our daughter for when she returned from college and then she chose a different room so it really was never used so now I am going to paint it to suit me. I think I am going with a folk art theme...I will get some before and after pictures...Oh..I do hate painting and it seems I paint all the time. Why is that? Until next blessed.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Well, seems we are always busy but not with much you want to hear about. Today we trimmed yet another tree or two...we got ready to go to the grocery but then we got company and they more company and then...well, I was too tired to go.
The girls want to go shopping for their homecoming dress tomorrow so we will spend the day doing that and we are also going on Monday. We should have a nice time.
Our school books started coming today and it is a good thing considering we are starting on I am not ready to start but it has to be done so ...
I am down to my last two years of home schooling the girl. I am ready to be done but I am not ready for them to go off to college...bitter sweet.
DH is still working on our rental kitchen...all new cabinets. I wish they were going into our home but then...thats for another day.
So many of you are decorating for fall and I want to start too but it seems until we have a schedule around here it just doesn't happen. We are awaiting the arrival of our new puppy..just two more weeks and she will come home with us...still not name but we do have some ideas we just want to meet her first.
Have a wonderful Tuedsay..